Twenty-Five Twenty-One (2022) Episode 12

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32 Comments to “Twenty-Five Twenty-One (2022) Episode 12

  1. This episode was so amazing I cried so much and I laughed so much too lol. But what did heedo meant by “the kiss that started when I was 19 ended when I was 20. I guess I also wanted a change for myself.” at the end of the ep 12??

    1. in korea, everyone in the new year’s get “1 year older”. its like instaed of waiting until their birthday, they take it on january 1st

    2. Well in Korea, everyone´s age changes in new year so if she was 19 before new year… she turned 20 in new year. She decided to kiss him and make a change for herself as well her age changed.

    3. I think that day was her birthday so she kissed him before the clock ticked 00 and the kiss finished after 00 so she was 19 just seconds from 20

  2. This episode was so good AND THE KISS OMG. It was so perfect, I was a little nervous to see that scene because I had so many expectations but in the end, it was spontaneous and natural very in character for both of them. I can´t wait for next weekend but I am also a little nervous. As nice as that last scene was it seemed a little eerie. Idk maybe I am just spiraling.

  3. hi admin the link is not work at this time.. could you please take a faster action to fix it? I can’t wait to watch this episode already huhu thank in advance 😀

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