Twenty-Five Twenty-One (2022) Episode 4

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17 Comments to “Twenty-Five Twenty-One (2022) Episode 4

    1. see why he answered it because as person 1 said family 2nd said dreams he didn’t have both with him unfortunately that’swhy he told nothing is constant

  1. Look at the three shots around 30:39 guys, in the first shot the woman who walks by them has already went past them, and in the second shot, she hasn’t passed them yet. Lol, I didn’t realize I could catch this continuity error, I just wanted to see the expression in the cyclinng man’s face, and I came across this. Lol. They would have taken this shot, and they be like, “Ah, whatever, they won’t care about this, it wouldn’t matter, we’ve got more shots to take.” But I Tell you now, IT DOES MATTER. xDD

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