This drama revolves around a man who gets involved in an investigation of a plane crash and uncovers a huge correcuption scandal.

Cha Gun (Lee Seung Gi) is a stunt man who masters in several martial arts and dreams of becoming an action actor. He survives a plane crash and it change his life completely. By chance he finds that there was a hidden conspiracy behind the plane crash. Meanwhile,Guo Ho Ri (Suzy) is an agent of the National Intelligence Services. To support her family, Guo Ho Ri (Suzy) wanted to find a regular job but ends up becoming an agent of the National Intelligence Service.

Also known as:배가본드 / Baegabondeu

Vagebond is set to air on Sep 20, 2019 (Friday, Saturday)

Total episodes: 16


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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117 Comments to “Vagabond

  1. Lee Seunggi and Yoo Teo pinning each other and making eye contact in episode 1 convinced me that they wanted to consummate their marriage through outdoor erotic wrestling

    What a powerful couple!

    Suzy should bugger off and find a girlfriend! Seunggi belongs to Teo!

  2. When are they planning to release season 2,damned got frustrated with the ending…. it’s almost 3 years ..

  3. This was an interesting plot and had many good actors except Suzy Bae who didnt seem to be able to get immersed into the character and looked so impeccably groomed like she was on show for a kpop show at at every scene. I felt this really let the show down and a good actress would have made for a better drama despite her beautiful appearance as I am watching it for the drama.

  4. When I realized it ended like that I got so angry cause like I was really deep into the plot and like the whole show was so mysterious, besides the female lead and the male lead were meant for the drama like without them I probably would of not watch it. Hopefully there’s a season 2 cause if there isn’t I will literally lose my mind not figurativily. Please directors and producers make a second season cause that cliff hanger is not going to leave my head anytime soon. I Thank You.

    P.s: The male lead needs to stay as the male lead as well as the female lead needs to stay ad the female, cause I tend to see in dramas where as the male and the female lead changes, which makes feel as though your changing up the whole synopsis.
    That is all, I Thank U.

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  7. The more I watch Vagabond, the more I feel the similarity between the recent events in Korea to the events happening in the drama. The evil looks extreme, but actually more than 100 people (including a large proportion of children) died in a ship wrecking accident that the country tried to cover up by deleting evidence, etc. It took many years for the truth to be revealed, and there was so much corruption in the government at the time. It just makes Vagabond more heart wrecking to watch.

  8. Please! am asking about ep 17 if there’s cause 16 epsode it’s not final epsode.there is the season 2 of this movie? Ilike it

  9. I always see all The drama..but I’ve never comment…Suzy was. Good Actor..the last drama she was with LEE SUNG GI was Incredible too…I love both of them when they acting…

  10. This drama was really amazing even though the lead actress doesn’t fit her role. In my opinion what I see it wasn’t good ending as the criminals supposed to be published and in jailed such as Samuel and other government corruption leaders. It would be good to see lead actors to be reunited again as well. Hope they will continue till we get good ending.

    1. Suzy Bae doesn’t fit this role? LOL 😀 She fits every role and is perfect in Vagabond! Can’t wait to see season 2.

  11. The ending is like i’m watching the highlight
    Then suddenly my phone shotdown..i cant move on to this..waiting for season 2 plsss

  12. Hi! I’m a big fan of Suzy. There’s this movie that I can’t find titled Dorihwaga/The sound of flower starring Bae Suzy again. I’ll be more happy if dramacool will post this movie. God bless.

  13. OMO!!it feels like my heartbeat stops every episode lol this is so cool. one of the best k-drama action this year. with a complete package actor Lee seung-gi+Shin sung ruk+bae suzzy=DAEBAK!!

  14. Engaging drama. Support actors are solid. Storyline is fanciful at times but can be overlooked

    Two main actors show their limitations. More seasoned actors could have made this drama even better

  15. The description is wrong. Dal Gun didn’t survive a plane crash, he didnt even get on a plane.. his nephew died in a plane crash

  16. I see Suzy I leave lmao. She cant act and that is my opinion no hate but I have given it many try to watch her acting and everytime I feel no soule in her acting.

    1. finally someone i can agree with. yeah she better focuses on her carreer in singing/modelling/cf. i dont hate her either since i always end up watching her drama since her counterparts are ALWAYS great actors. sigh, if only it is played by seung gi and another actress who can really act.

      1. Oh sweet many agree with you!
        I don’t even watch it even if big actors are in it.
        She getting the main role or second lead when as I believe and many have said that … well known underrated actresses are out there who deserve this role.. its just not fair.
        She in my opinion doesn’t deserve big roles like this.
        I gave IU a chance when she acted in the drama “my mister” (very fun/nice drama by the way)
        And the funny thing is…. she didnt need to express anything but a poker face and I would give it a 7/10 for her acting on that drama.
        Would I watch a nother drama from iu again… it depends on the story line and her main part.
        I went of my subject but suzy need to keep it with singing… I think… and defenelty modeling CF etc..
        Having a opinion on someone doenst mean that you are hating. As long as its respectful and not out of the boundaries.

      2. That is really insulting, you know. They wouldn’t cast Suzy if she weren’t capable of delivering her character well.

        1. I agree with you Suzy is pretty and wonderfulll actress!!! There are too much fans othersea love her and i think Korean entertainment is very lucky to have such good talent as Suzy

        2. I agree with you Suzy is pretty and wonderfulll actress!!! There are too much fans othersea love her and i think Korean entertainment is very lucky to have such good talent as Suzy

    2. I would agree with you if we were talking about her other dramas, but she’s improved tremendously. Give this drama a chance! It’s so good

    3. I am with you on that. I cannot feel her character. The two other leads (Shin Sun Rok and Lee Seung Gi) are exceptional actors and you just pair them with a beautiful Korean lady whose acting needs a lot of workshops. But the good thing with this drama is the storyline, visual effects, and the good actors. It makes you want to watch every episode in one seating only since you can’t wait to unravel every corrupt act of each organization involved here.

  17. It will be nice to see these two in a drama together again. Their chemistry was great in the Gu Family Book. Any romantic scenes we can look forward too?

  18. Hi! I am looking forward to see this especially it’s Bae Suzy.
    Also, may i ask if you could download/shows GANGNAM BLUES Movie of 2015 starring Lee Min-Ho and Kim Rae Won. I appreciate.

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