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24 Comments to “Vincenzo (2021) Episode 20

  1. Great drama ever!!!. congratulations to the cast and crew..job well done… season 2 please… Vincenzo cassano saranghe 😘😘😘

  2. ****This is just my opinion so please respect that

    I’ve seen a lot of comments saying how the torturing element was too far and was glorified… I agree that it was very brutal, BUT I don’t believe that was too much. Villian’s like Choi Myung-Hee and Jang Han-Seok only seem to be ‘sorry’ and beg for their lives when they’re threatened with death themselves. But as we’ve already seen throughout this drama… they always go back to their old ways and don’t repent as soon as they’ve been shown mercy by Vincenzo. You get what you give and those two villains have killed sooo many people and ruined so many lives. So I don’t think their punishment was too much at all or too brutal. They got what they deserved in my opinion.

    Jang Han-Seo should’ve been given a happy ending though.. that’s my only complaint with this drama’s ending. He already sincerely repented and turned over a new leaf completely. Yet he was killed by his own brother who didn’t seem to show any remorse up until the end. He was the cutest little bean … such an amazing actor too!

  3. Folks, this drama went beyond the boundaries of justice and actually glorified torture and excessively cruel behavior. There is no excuse for torturing even an animal, much less another human being. Never. Not Ever. Not once. Viewers should not applaud the drama for making a brutal psycho a hero…mafia or no mafia. One has to wonder about the psyche of the writers, the PDs, and even the actors. Excessive, brutal cruelty of the criminals is not something we should accept as normal, much less heroic. This was inhumane.

    1. I saw this comment on reddit and it says it so perfectly

      “It was a very satisfying ending for me. Major kudos to the writers for sticking to their guns. They allowed Vincenzo to embody a mafia’s murderous and tenacious ways to the very end. Vincenzo is probably one of the best-written anti-heroes I have seen in kdramas. He remained dark and merciless till the very end. We even got confirmation that he still continues to lead the same tenacious ways. This drama was never written to show a mafia’s redemption arc or atonement. It was done to reiterate that the world can be so evil, that there would be instances where justice should be served mercilessly. With that in mind, Vincenzo is able to justify his existence as someone who uproots evil mercilessly, when the law is no longer sufficient to punish the monsters. As an audience, I feel so wrong rooting for a character like Vincenzo, but at the same time, this is what dramas are all about. We all have that inner monster in us and if I can allow that “monster” in me to be satisfied by vicariously living through a drama character, the writers have done their jobs. Thank you writers for not being cowards!”

  4. Normalized and even glorified torture as a fitting punishment for criminals. Not OK, folks. No human that cruel should EVER be cast as a hero. Disgusting!

  5. Worth every genre of it! The cringed, crying moments, the laugher, the anger and all of it! Nothing less, nothing more – great scriptwriting and acting. Love, love, love it!!

  6. Good work and great drama loved every episodes of this drama , thank you for a good story and great cast , hope there is a second season ,
    One of the best drama ever seen . 10/10 rating.

  7. This was ALMOST a good drama. It had elements of humor, as well as vigilante justice to a corrupt justice system. Male lead SJK could not have been better cast for the role and he nailed it. Other cast members did well, too. But the plot went too far, as there was an element of brutality and psychopathic behavior that the writers attempted to pass off as appropriate or even admirable. It was anything but, even for the Mafia. The brutal killings of the bad guys annulled the satisfaction of justice served. In short, the drama’s message was a sick one. Even as a mafia boss doing some good things, the bad things he did removed all hope of redemption of the ML as a good guy. The sick satisfaction he got from torturing people lowered him to the same level as the criminals he sought to entrap. In the end, there was no hero.

    1. but that’s how mafia are …. at least they didn’t sugar coat his character is just the other character who see him as a saviour when he is still a killer afrter all

    2. Why does he need to be a hero… I’m glad the writers didn’t try to fluff up the ending by making him one its unrealistic for his character.

  8. bobo mo vincenzo inuna mo sana yung lalaki hayst bubo hahahah sorry director hindi ko talaga matiis galit ako ehh

  9. Song Joong-ki🥺
    I so love you💃🏽💃🏽

    I didn’t regret watching dis movie at all..not even a bit🥰

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