Voice 4: Judgment Hour (2021) Episode 14

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10 Comments to “Voice 4: Judgment Hour (2021) Episode 14

  1. The ending of voice 1 and voice 4 are almost the same, and the line of detective cho and detective hyuk are soo close to be the same line when they catch the serial killer.. .😁😁

  2. Obviously there will be a voice 5! It’s getting tiresome. All the others ended with closure, but this one ends with a cliff hanger. Bad move.

    1. As far as I can remember at the beginning of the season 1 of Voice, she already have her hearing abilities that allows her to heard the serial murderer (the one with the cracking jaw). It also explain there that she got an accident (car accident if im not mistaken) at the age of 12 which leads to development of her hearing abilities.

      The bomb explosion (if we are on the same reference, the last episode of season 2) caused a hearing problem to her.

      So basically, we have idea about her hearing problem but there are still mysteries about it. I hopes a season 5 will come to solve some unanswered questions.

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