War of Y (2022) Episode 9

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6 Comments to “War of Y (2022) Episode 9

  1. I guess laws don’t exist in this world cuz whether Bew defamed himself and Gus or not, it does not excuse what the managers did or exempt them from literal crimes. Same with the manager from the previous couple, no legal actions whatsoever. These managers are psychos, no remorse for their wrongdoings. They’re already out there leeching off of another couple of kids. It’s driving me crazy and I might lose it if the next eps makes Bew out to be THE villain.

  2. BRO.. I REALLY DIDN’T expect that from Bew. WHOLE TIME I was saying even the costume and make-up departments doing him wrong, but broh,. When I tell you??? 😒 Bew, yuh good yes… Splendid portrayal!!!

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