Was It Love (2020) Episode 2

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13 Comments to “Was It Love (2020) Episode 2

  1. Im already crying so hard while watching ep 1 and 2 and thats just the first 2 eps. mongji unni hwaiting

  2. Really love this story from ep 1 until now.. Look forward for next ep nextweek.. OMG!! Cant waittt anymore…

  3. So does that mean that Hanee’s teacher, Oh Yeonwoo is her father? I am so confused right now. But the teacher looks so young. Well he could have been a younger lover… I kinda hope that he is really her father, but we will know in the future if he is protective towards Hanee.

    1. Noh AE jung ex-boyfriend is oh Dae oh they broke up 14 years ago because she pregnant and Hanee father’s is Oh Dae Oh

  4. wow..i like teacher oh… he so young and nice body. need shirtless teacher oh TT XD
    why i fell like gangster boss want ae jeong to be spy?

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