Well Intended Love


Xia Lin is a third-rate actress who is diagnosed with leukemia. To receive a bone marrow transplant as soon as possible and continue her career as an actress, she signs a secret marriage contract with Lin Yizhou, the president of Ling Group.

Also known as:Nai He BOSS Yao Qu Wo 奈何BOSS要娶我


Status: Completed

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40 Replies to “Well Intended Love

  1. Finally this drama made it to dramacool. Hope someone would pick this up and sub it though. Contract marriage with a cold president plus sickness is a perfect combo for me

    1. Exactly … These kinda dramas are very entertaining and mateor garden was also so good if looking into historical ones than oh my emperor and legend of yunxi ….

  2. Same! I thought such storyline might be bored but the main lead is just so attractive and the drama is addictive too, Cant wait for next episodes

  3. This is an interesting drama.
    The kind of rich guy and poor girl
    Like fairy tale
    Anyway by episode 2 she has recovered from leukaemia thanks to his donation of bone marrow.
    Cheers DRAMA time

  4. This drama is really good, the only problem is the subtitles, some is not correct. Please check that so it will not affect the ratings. It can have more viewers when you will fix the subtitle.

  5. episode 16,17,18 was already aired, I’ve been looking for eng sub of episode 17 for two days now and its still not up, only chinese version of subtitle. hoping dramacool will upload very soon.Please. Ive been addicted to it, this is the first time Im watching Chinese drama , the only problem is its so hard to find the latest series thats already aired with eng sub. Please upload sooooooooon. Thank you

  6. Well intended love is already finish, the episode till 20 only and until now dramacool is not uploading the rest of the episode.

  7. My first time to watch Cdrama. I love it! – Xu Kai Cheng perfectly play the role as President Ling and the lead lady as well. problem is- so hard to find English sub in YouTube.

  8. Yeah…..I am also very much excited ,intended to watch this drama ……plz sub those raw ones too….you are the best dramacool???? go.go.go..

  9. I was also very much intended to watch this drama …..thank u dramacool …..❤❤?? go.go.go.dramacool fighting….. Things I got watching Asian dramas. Hehehhe??

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