When I Was The Most Beautiful Episode 16

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7 Comments to “When I Was The Most Beautiful Episode 16

  1. She wasn’t toxic to none. She literally never have Hwan hopes and even with the last two episodes she composed herself and didn’t give in. Understanding her character never had wamth and she merely wanted to escape, the guilt of not waiting for Hwan will haunt her but she definitely tried to love jin! It’s a tragedy ! Where two lovers can only share their love in their hearts!

    1. Everyone entitled to their opinion on this one. You may find more agreeing the relationships toxic and extremely frustrating with the female lead. I like to rewatch dramas even if they don’t have a happy ending. This drama would actually pain me to rewatch.

  2. This drama really dragged out the relationships. I was hoping Hwan would move on earlier. To me she was a little toxic for both brothers. The story did nothing for me.

  3. This was totally a meh drama, but I had invested 14+ hours of my life to it. I didn’t even finish watching this ending.

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