When I Was The Most Beautiful


When I Was the Prettiest is about a man and a woman who are standing in front of a forbidden road. In a cruel twist of fate, two brothers fall in love the same woman. Through their story, the drama shares a lesson about understanding the pain of life and how to heal.

Im Soo Hyang will take on the role of ceramic artist Oh Ye Ji, who is the first love of Ji Soo’s character. She dreams of an ordinary life, but she gets caught in a love triangle with two brothers. Ji Soo will play architectural designer Seo Hwan, who falls for Oh Ye Ji at first sight. He will be placed at odds with his brother Seo Jin, played by Ha Seok Jin, in a fight for Oh Ye Ji’s heart. Seo Jin is a rally driver who won’t stop at anything to achieve what he sets his mind on. When he meets Oh Ye Ji for the first time at his father’s workshop, he instinctually feels attracted to her.

Also known as: 내가 가장 예뻤을 때 Naega Gajang Yebbeosseul Ddae When I’m the Prettiest When I Was the Prettiest My Prettiest Days When I Was The Most Beautiful


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: 2020-8-19

Genres: ,

Starring: , , , ,

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12 Comments to “When I Was The Most Beautiful

  1. This drama is a hidden gem. What a stellar performance by Kim Ji Soo. It thought me that waiting is important. If only that girl had waited, she would have been loved and happy and it also illustrated as how a family can unconsciously ruin one’s life. Am glad that though Hwa was so in love with Oh Ye ji, but never crossed the line to sleeping with his brother ex-wife. Jin was indeed a coward and selfish man. It is a drama worth watching.

  2. i love the storie though im not that interested in the actress but it keeps me want to watch bec the story are so touching..

  3. Hwan trying to be with his sister in law is just lowkey disgusting. I mean their chemistry is just off. Too forced to begin with.

  4. Ahh initially rooting for my favorite actor Ha Seok Jin. But from glimpse of EP 1 & 2 I think lead female will end up with Hwan 🙁
    Things are going well too early for Jin and the lead female so…

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