Why Her (2022) Episode 10

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10 Comments to “Why Her (2022) Episode 10

  1. Ok look, I understand that the old lady is grieving for her daughter but this is absolute bs! Why the hell does she keep going after someone who was acquitted? I’m not expecting her to apologise, even though she should have, but hating him after all these years despite knowing that he didn’t do anything? She doesn’t have any evidence against him so what is her problem with him? Leave him alone!

  2. This drama is getting so intense and attractive ahh it’s keeping me up at night !! I hope it’s a happy ending

  3. The hell the scenes of his mother shouting his name was sad but the scene where they found the skeleton of his sister and he went inside the secret room was emotional aff.. i feel so bad for him ! And now soo jae knows about him but she’s hurt and sad . Ah they just got together why are there so many hardships in thier relationship? And i just csnt believe what will happen when so jae will know that that little girl is her daughter dayum! 😭And what will be the reaction of gong chan noooo😭💔. And wth choi gi tak is saying her to marry wu jan? i alr see that coming. He’s such a scumbag i cant . This man is so clever! I’m hating him so much. And ohmygod also the professor daughter i feel so bad for her. I think that the person behind her case and gong chan sister case is the same and ofcrs the first suspect is choi gi tak

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