Why Her (2022) Episode 9

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14 Comments to “Why Her (2022) Episode 9

  1. I really appreciate how he didn’t go crazy when he was jealous, instead he just told her to drink less. It’s even more admirable when we consider that first, he’s a total rookie in relationships, and second, he’s much younger than her. But I still don’t understand: doesn’t she know that the little girl is her daughter? It’s so obvious… How many out-of-wedlock daughters of the same age would that loser have? Is she completely in denial or extremely chill?

  2. Oh my god omgg! Did they just…. Wow lol gong chan kissed without even warning lol . Yee finally they are together now they’ll face obstacles and will even brrakup but i hope they’ll be together always. Why do i feel this drama will have a sad ending?

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