Woori The Virgin (2022) Episode 2

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19 Comments to “Woori The Virgin (2022) Episode 2

  1. Where are my POTATOES!?!?!?! Why is it so hard to find a decent potato!?!??! sorry, just wanted to complain about nonsense in the comments section like everyone else seems to be doing.

  2. I don’t know why people say Jane the virgin was the original drama whene it’s another adaptation of the ORIGINAL LATIN DRAMA
    Juana the virgin lol .And i can say for sure that this is way better that the Jane the virgin (American version) even if it’s not so detailed like the American version that have more episodes

  3. Damn… I really don’t know about this drama.. in the English ver of jane the virgin i realy liked how the Villanueva’s bond with each other, on how they are close and honest with each other. And the optimistic and honest personality of jane and the chemistry she has with the male leads was the reason i liked the drama in the first place.. i know this is another version of it but all the good stuff in the english ver. Is not in this drama.. it’s kinda boring.. and no offense to the lead actress but her acting is the same in ( my id is gangnam beauty) she’s always timid and quiet i see no difference on her acting in that drama to this drama.. and plus there is nothing funny at all it’s all so serious and everything happens so fast..

  4. I swear if she ends up with the CEO I’m going to slap her, because her bf is such a nice guy being by her side through all of her issues

    1. sorry to burst your bubble but in the original version the guy actually cheated with his co worker. 🙁

    1. i want her to cos she did go with rafael in jane the virgin and i just cant like woori’s boyfriend cos i didnt rlly like him in jane the virgin

    2. The CEO was her first kiss so they will end up together love come first, i feel sorry for him. he has a bad ex wife and that nice police officer will turn out hr broke her heart you will see

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