Woori The Virgin (2022) Episode 6

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18 Comments to “Woori The Virgin (2022) Episode 6

    1. He lied to her many tiny zns when she was mad at him. He told her that he will never lie again eventhough she knew that he was still keeping secrets. Plus he schemed with Rafaels ex so that Woori will not keep the baby because he didn’t want to be responsible for some else’s child.

      1. you are wrong she broke up with him because she doesn’t want to put him through this, because she want for him a normal life, but she doesnt know that normal life doesnt exist.
        And when he lied to her she was felling sorry, because he lied for the first time because of her.

  1. This is a Korean adaptation of the series jane the virgin, right? This drama is jinja jinja good so far

  2. This drama is so good so far! idk why I feel bad for kang jae though because I’ve watched the original

    1. i didnt like michael in jane the virgin for some reason nd im sorry but in this one the age gap between kangjae and worri is quite obvious but with Rafael its not thats y i cant like kangjae.

    1. She said she want to break up cuz he lied..but i bet it because he don’t want kang jae to suffer holding his feeling anymore, lying and do something impure because of her 🙂

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