You Are the Miracle


The drama revolves around the life 2 cops who are different characters. Lin Ze is straight as an arrow while Chen Meng is the reckless type but very honest. Lin Ze’s death breaks Chen Meng who sets out on an investigation to find the truth behind his death.

Also known as: 你是我的奇迹 / 你是我的奇蹟 / Ni Shi Wo De Qi Ji / You Are My Miracle


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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You Are the Miracle trailer

5 Comments to “You Are the Miracle

  1. Here its said this drama is completed in ep 12 n the ending is lame just like what Tina said, but in now is at ep 23 n its still ongoing….its very confusing….could anybody please tell me which is the right one?? Thanks…..

    1. yes, i agree with you. i read the synopsis and the drama end at 24 episodes. how come only 12 epi?
      well, may be there are more to come?

  2. The end was kinda lame to be honest. Jk I haven’t even watched the end yet. I’m just saying this because some other comments were saying it.😅

  3. Finally, this is what I’m waiting for..thank you of my favorite Chinese actor ji xaio bing..He finally, lead the rule..I’m so happy..

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