18 Again (2020)


The story of a husband who returns in his best days when he was 18.

37-year-old Hong Dae Young is fired from his job. He divorces his wife, and the children ignore him. One day, Hong Dae Young returns to his 18-year-old and change his name to Go Woo Young to start a second life.

Also known as: 18 어게인 에이틴 어게인 Eitin Eogein Eighteen Again


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Air Date: Sep 21, 2020

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37 Comments to “18 Again (2020)

  1. no matter what happens, Family is there for us thru good and bad times.
    Communication is the best thing that builds a strong relationship with our family 🙂

    Thank you, from the cast and producers of 18 Again!

  2. This movie us such a great .it hong dae young is a great dad he care for his family. No matter what happen hong dae young fight and fight along.And thats all. Can you add more episode. I can’t belive that this is the final episode hoho jm crying noww because thi movie is my hobby .im leaving duty because of this movieee huhuhu

  3. I really love 18 again because it shows how family suffered,work,loved,understand, and protect each other with different experience in life regards to their age and the role of each other to their family

  4. When I was 18, I didnt feel about my age at all. But Now am 25 & still I cant feel my age. 😆😆😆
    I feel like am a free bird!!! & My age is just going on….

  5. ok listen. this is an ongoing drama that airs (as in live per episode on korean’s channel named jtbc) every monday-tuesday night, twice a week. and the team at least need a night to sub the drama. so for those of you who always upload, “please upload the next drama faster” or “why haven’t you sub this” be patience lol. it’s not an easy work to always keeping update a website and to add that you need to sub every video that you uploaded.

    not trying to be salty, but fyi

  6. I’ll be 21 in 2 months, I’m not old but I’d love to go back to 18 again. One of the most beautiful years of my life.I would just want to go back to 18 to relieve those beautiful moments of my life

  7. I’ll be 21 in 2 months, I’m not old but I’d love to go back to 18 again. One of the most beautiful years of my life.I would just want to go back to 18 to relieve those beautiful moments of my life

  8. I’m officially turn 20 this year.. it’s a great age that there’s no more teen there just I feel strange about it idk ahahaha.. its not aging it’s just upgrading guys

  9. I know of many people who would love to go back to age eighteen again… I for one would not !!! The only reason to go back would be to change a decision or two I made when I was nineteen… Now that is the age I would love to do a rewind and make changes…. i definitely would not have gone to europe but I would have made that move to Korea…. and most importantly of all I would NEVER have married the man I did…. Don’t get me wrong, he can be considered one of the ‘good guys’… However, just not the ‘right’ good guy for me…. Age eighteen not a preferred do over for me…But, age nineteen… Definitely !!!!

  10. I’m 18 right now
    and i wonder would i want to come to this age again when i will be 30

    but right now i want to grow up quickly so tat i can stand on my own foot independent of anyone

    1. From an older person looking back, let me share hindsight. There are moral laws that should not be broken and if they are, they will wreak havoc on your life and the lives of others. Older people tried to tell me these laws. Some I followed, others I didn’t and learned the hard way. At 18, you will begin to have adult choices. The more moral laws you break, the harder your life will be. Honest old people will affirm what I am saying. There is a reason you should avoid drugs, alcohol, smoking, sexual promiscuity, adulterous relationships, greed, pride, theft, murder, etc. These will all eventually bring you more pain than you could ever imagine. Best wishes on your new journey.

      1. what does this have to do with the author seeking independence?

        Maybe they want independence because people around them are constantly telling them “no”. They want to be independent to start a new business or follow their passion. The author did not talk about moral laws, or any other bad thing.

      2. I don’t think that is necessarily true. Of course, not breaking your so called ‘moral laws’ is considered a ‘morally good’ thing, but in the end, we are all human and we experience the temptations and desires of such things in life in order to learn and grow into a wiser person. Of course, some of the ‘actions’ you listed are legally wrong, and one would go through the needed punishments. It may bring pain, but if the person is willing to accept their mistakes and grow, then it’s just a process in life. Especially at the age of 18, it is normal for an 18 year old to make bad calls, it’s not like they have hindsight. The only advice I would give is that, it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you are ready to accept the consequences, and if you really mess up, just know that things can get better if you try. Anyways, the poster wasn’t even talking about morals, but instead learning to be independent. Becoming independent means that you will go on wrong paths and make mistakes, that’s the whole point. Good luck!

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