A Gentleman and a Young Lady (2021)


Lee Young Kook is a widower with three children. He still hasn’t gotten over the death of his wife. He decides to hire Park Dan Dan as a live-in tutor for his kids and he becomes attracted to her. Meanwhile, Park Dan Dan has bright and positive personality despite her harsh situation.

Original Network: KBS2;

Director: Shin Chang Seok [신창석]

Also known as: 신사와 아가씨 Sinsawa Agassi Shinsawa Agassi Gentleman and Lady The Gentleman and the Lady Young Lady and Gentleman


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Air Date: Sep 25, 2021

Genres: , , ,

Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

90 Comments to “A Gentleman and a Young Lady (2021)

  1. Not bad ! But *the young lady* have a face too much of a child ,i am not talking about her age ,i am talking that the actress was not a good choice for the character .

  2. why long time to input eng.sub i wait almost 12hrs still not updated.huhuhu.but the new kdrama already have eng.sub.

  3. Episodes 47/48

    Im starting to tire of Young Guk’s rejections of Dan Dan. He got wasted everynight when they broke up but now has cold feet when everything has been sorted with Ms Cho. She saved his son for goodness sakes, why still be cold as ice and so easy for him to do. I wish she just goes off with Hyun Bin now. Dan Dans father is the most hyprocritical man I have ever watched. Dan Dan cant se Young Guk while hes bullshitting his face off and still seeing Dan Dans birth mother. Les and secrets is all hes about. I feel so sorry for Gun. Who could have a relationship with someone wh ohas used his baby even before its born in such a way. I hope she gives him the baby. Hes so lovely. Finally Ms Wang gets her uppance. hahaha.

    1. * Lies And Secrets is all he’s about I feel so bad for Dan Dan or what-not you said Gun *
      Just A Friendly Thing!
      Not Trying To BE RUDE

    2. You are speaking iwithout really considering the emotions involved. Imagine going through the emotional distress and heartbreak. The reason for rejecting Dan Dan is because he thinks they will go through the same ordeal. So in a way he thinks he is protecting her.

  4. I might give this a shot for of Park Ha Na and Kang Eun Tak who both won 2020 KBS Drama Awards for their lead roles in their respective daily dramas. But it seems this time they are playing 2nd lead roles?

  5. Hello guys.. I haven’t been following this drama ever since Miss Cho’s mum steals the Miss Wang’s goldbars, money and diamond. By any chance, did Miss Cho’s mum was caught for stealing? if yes, can you direct me which episode I should see.

  6. Sera is obviously pregnant with Gun baby and she wants to act selfish by giving the responsibility to Mr. Lee again like what she did with her first baby she abandoned .
    Anyway Sera is so annoying and Mr. Lee is just so incapable.
    Please when is episode 45&46 coming out so that the Truth will be revealed.

  7. How on earth can she be pregnant for him?He never kissed nor touch her …where are you turning to movie to again

  8. the 2 lead role are both boring love story… yaaah
    , better brother and rich girl, the cousin girl and the son of auntie, and younger uncle and sara.

  9. y너희들은 우리에게 한 가지 eps를 주는 것을 그만둬야 한다. 우리에게도 줘

    You guys should stop giving us one eps. give it to us

  10. When did this one episode per week start? Please you people are making the movie boring every week. Kindly go back to two episodes per week please.

  11. Pls downloading 32 n 33 isn’t going through, pls help….I luv da twist n turns of da series but I think it’s being prolonged too much….

  12. The main character acts and looks like a teenager. I dont have a problem with the age gap if she was mature. She is always crying, dansel in distress and rude to her own family but soooo respectful towards everyone else. Her character is boring the other women is more beautiful, has a personality and more real. Im getting annoyed I dont know if i will continue watching the rest of the actors are reallh good.

  13. The proposed episode should be around 50, uploading just two episodes per week and leave us to look forward to another 2 the following week,it’s no more getting interesting and I don’t see anything special in the episodes anymore since the only thing I see is greedy miss Kim, stupid Mr Lee, and nasty cho Sara. Both women left their child when they were babies and now trying to pay mother role in deceit. The writer of this movie must be kidding,cos their actions are absurd. This can’t actually happen, so the writer is actually telling me after everything they av done,they still av the right to be close to their kids.the story is teaching bad example. If their is still something good and better lessons to be learnt show us fast and stop making us loose interest and feeling irritated.

  14. This drama is getting worse on every episode. I’m getting so frustrated with the story and the double amnesia plot. I don’t get why the writers think that the viewers are stupid to believe that a person can get amnesia 2 times.
    Young Guk is is stupid and so weak. He has believed all the lies of that nasty bit.. of Sa Ra. I really can’t understand why do we have to see her until the end of the drama just because the writers decided to make her a main character on the drama.
    Please Dan Dan stop liking Young Guk and look got a guy that really loves you and appreciate you.

    1. When will you load Episode 29 &30??? Also I agree that Sara character is so annoyingly dramatic. I wish she got amnesia after DanDan kick her butt with her fighting skills.THe End!

    2. Well said who ever scripted & directed this farce is an idiot at best its only worth 15-20 episodes as with all Korean drames never ending flashbacks childish sub plots that only drag on and on its just boring.

  15. Aaah me I am very much tired oooo, the waiting stuff is taking ages.

    For the age gap, I thought the chairman is 41 and Park Dan Dan is 27, so where is 11 coming from or am I not sure?

    Park Dan Dan’ s Mom confused herself first with Park Dan Dan’s cousin, the girl said she’s 26 and not 27.

    My question is, If the chairman is interested in Park Dan Dan now and wants to be with her, then why didn’t he approve The sister’s relationship with Park Dan Dan’s brother all while? Will this people ever get settled down at all?

    Ahhhhh ?????, I can’t wait ooo, they should just uploaded three episode at once ??‍♀️??‍♀️

  16. An interesting series but when will the flashback to when Dan Dan and Lee Young Guk met years before he ever got married be recalled. She was an adolescent who ran away from home when she was scolded and met Young Guk who was a young man serving in the military and Dan Dan was so sure fate will bring them back again.

  17. This is literally one of the best series. At first, i did feel a bit uncomfortable because of the age gap but it doesn’t bother me anymore. A lot of plot twists and im so for it. I just wish they could upload like 5 episodes a week. It’s so frustrating to wait so long???

  18. New episodes comes up every Saturdays and Sundays till March 2022. ( i.e raw episodes) without English subtitle. With English subtitle you can download every Sundays and Mondays.

    1. They posts videos every Saturday and Sunday but English subtitle will be available a day after posting. In other words, you’ll download the two episodes on Sunday and Mondays.


  20. Shouldn’t this drama play everyday??? I mean if it’s 50 episodes and the secrets are coming out so early makes me wonder why is it 50 episodes to begin with ? but so far I’m enjoying it, it has this nice feel ☺

    1. That’s exactly what I’m wondering, I think they are going to reveal that is it Sa Ra or whoever she’s called, she is the biological mother of the young boy… I’m confused this drama has too much plot yet it is interesting

      1. Yes I think it will come out and that Anna Kim is Dan Dan’s mom maybe that’s the two secrets they’ll drag till episode 40/50

  21. Oh my…six months to see this one? Not sure I want to invest that much time. It’s cute so far, but if it is going to be a romantic relationship with a 20-year age gap, that’s not romantic, that’s pedaphelia-like yuck.

    1. 11 years gaps sometime don show your stupidity here and just watch the goddamn drama and if you dont like it just watch anime

    2. There should be nothing wrong about the age gap… Me and my husband are 11 yrs apart but we are compatible and we work together.
      Some people are very mean ? age doesn’t matter!

      1. Couldn’t agree with you more. Hubby and I have a seventeen year age gap and it’s truly a match made in heaven.

    3. You are exaggerating o.. I love this show so much. I always wanted to see how younger relationship feels like. And it is so interesting

    1. FYI…Daily dramas are 30 minutes long (or less), have 120 episodes (60 hours of viewing time), and are completed in 24 weeks. These Biweekly hourly dramas are completed in 25 weeks. One week difference matters?

  22. The most annoying part of this film is that it has 50 episodes and keep releasing 2 episodes every week. who is going to wait for that long.i won’t watch it again

    1. bonsoir
      pas long 50 épisodes au contraire chaque épisode apporte une surprise,cette série est plein d intrigue d humour .
      J’ai ma petite idée pour la fin du drama
      ps si vous souhaitez lez voir sous titré en francais aller sur kdrama.best

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