A Piece of Your Mind


A piece of your mind – is about a talented Artificial Intelligence programmer called Moon Ha Won. He became popular as his inventions got recognized in the industry. He is also the founder of a popular website called M&H. His uniqueness is his passion for his work and above all, very empathetic towards his employees and never loses his cool.

Seo Woo works as a sound engineer for a firm. Her life was far from calm and peaceful. She was a loner and turned her life around by being self made. She always try to achieve her goals even during set-backs.

Their paths cross, and a journey for them two begins. Find out what happens in their lives.

Also known as: 반의 반 / Banui Ban / One Fourth / Half of Half / Half of a Half


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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17 Comments to “A Piece of Your Mind

  1. In google it says they have shorten the episodes up to to 12 because of decreasing of its rates or something but originally it was supposed to be 16 episodes

  2. It’s 16 episodes, don’t worry.
    It’s just being uploaded week by week because it’s broadcasting in Korea as it is. So there’s nothing for us but to wait week by week for 2 episodes to air.

    1. I pity the cast of this drama because I think it’s unfair for them to end at episode 12. Jung Hae In is a brilliant actor.

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