Absolute Boyfriend (2019) Episode 20

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26 Comments to “Absolute Boyfriend (2019) Episode 20

  1. I don’t think Session 2 will happen . like come to think of it . YOUNG GO is still a robot and will never be a human. Robot like him doesn’t exist in real life but I KNOW that everything in the drama it will be possible. I’ve watched LETS FIGHT GHOST where Taecyeon fell in love with a ghost (it is impossible to happen) but in the end of drama Kim So Hyun (ghost) found out that she still have her body and having a 5 years coma due to the accident so they have the happy ending. but in this drama it is impossible to young yo become a human 😔

  2. this is my 2nd k_drama,my first k drama that i had watched was kill me heal me and i love them both so much and i will sureley watch more k-dramas,

  3. I don’t care if the guy with green umbrella either Ma Wang Joon or Young Gu. We all know Young Gu want Da Da to be happy and forget everything about him cause Young Gu know that Da Da will upset till the end if she still can’t move on. I love this drama the ending move me to tears. Thank you.


  4. i hope that my absolute boyfriend don’t end yet…..’cause i really want to know that eom da da with whom, with ma wang joon or young gu. it’s was happy ending??? i hope that have part 2 for this episode

  5. i’m looking 4ward to eom da da shes the best actress. .hope ther be onother drama or making part 2. . its happy end. . ?☺? thanx dramacool 4 making me happy and all drama that I watch n ur web is the best ..???❤❤

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