Again My Life (2022)


Kim Hee Woo (Lee Joon Gi) did very poorly in high school, but through hard work, he got into university and passed the law exam. He now works as a prosecutor. While he is investigating possible corruption related to politician Choi Tae Seob (Lee Kyung Young), he is killed by unknown people. But Kim Hee Woo wakes up and is alive again.

Kim Han Mi (Kim Jae Kyung) is a reporter with beauty and intelligence who has been in the shadows since childhood because she was born out of wedlock. She has always suffered from feelings of inferiority since her father tried to hide her existence, but with the help of Kim Hee Woo, she will learn to love herself. Kim Han Mi will play an important role in supporting Kim Hee Woo and helping him get justice.

Based on the novel of the same name by Lee Hae Nal.

Airs from 04/08/2022 on Fridays and Saturdays at 22:00

Original Network: SBS; ViuTV;

Also known as: 어게인 마이 라이프 Eogein Mai Laipeu



Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: Apr 08, 2022

Genres: , , , , , , ,

Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Again My Life (2022) trailer

19 Comments to “Again My Life (2022)

  1. Bong sang pil, lawless lawyer, you guys should watch it JK Lee is ML in it as well, it was amazing, action, drama, great storyline. Just watch it

  2. Intelligent drama. Incredible good writing. Very high level. Mindblowing. What can i say more? For me at this moment the top.

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