Ai Long Nhai (2022) Episode 10

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3 Comments to “Ai Long Nhai (2022) Episode 10

  1. Honestly.. To me, one of the reasons why I like BL, although being a woman, is because of the equality. I was sick and tired of watching romantic Drama’s where the woman all of a sudden becomes submissive as soon as they started dating. And I am so disappointed that it’s also happening in this drama.
    One of the reasons I loved F4, is because the female lead kickers his ass multiple times ? because she wants to be equal.

    Another issue I have with this drama is what Sakura mentioned… No fluency in the storyline.

  2. What a complete mess this show was ….. and did I miss an episode? why was Chon avoiding Ton in the previous episode and now they are together? I am soo confused ! and what’s up with that head butt to the back? WTF? to be honest I was so shock that Nhai didn’t have a fever and didn’t have his whole body wiped out by Ai.
    And we are back to the awful, horrendous google-translate subtitles!

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