Arthdal Chronicles Episode 1

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17 Comments to “Arthdal Chronicles Episode 1

  1. Wow..this k-drama is so diffrent from others….its like im watching a hollywood kind of movie….westerners like to do this kind of drama..

  2. waooo I really can’t believe it I am really watching this it’s totally osm mindblowing super really fantastic I am addicted to it I waited whole year to watch this specially for song joong ki I am very very excited to see next ep this is best k drama of 2019 lot’s of lov song joong ki ?????????❤❤❤??????

  3. waooo I can’t believe I am really watching this it’s totally osm mindblowing super really fantastic I am waiting for this whole yrs specially for song joong ki I really waiting for next ep

  4. Done watching …and I was so amazed with the young song joong ki or Eun som and joong ki. They are so look a like .. it’s look like jong ki when he was a kid.. ???? can’t wait for next episode tomorrow every scene was so addicted and you want to rewached it again.. the cast are all amazing and was doing such a great acting.. big applause for yhe all cast for the top ratings… Indeed it’s such a masterpiece K drama this 2019…

    1. Yessss I was soo surprised the casting was great I have never seen a drama like this one i wish I could binge watch it. I wonder what’s gonna happen next

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