Arthdal Chronicles Episode 12

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33 Replies to “Arthdal Chronicles Episode 12

  1. Well, this is soo intense!!! Tanya is now the High Priest, Eunseom and his “co-slaves” managed to escape, y’all better keep an eye on this one cuz this is gonna be an awesome ride!!! Can’t wait for the season 3 ?

    P.S. Saya is soo drunk in love. Those stares and that backhug is just too much. He succeeded in making Tanya as the High Priest. I just can’t wait for him to meet Eunseom. Beat me. Choose your fighter.

    1. i think Sa Ya will be killed .. he sacrificed to Tanya. And Eunsom will replace his place as none at Arthdal ​​no one criticizes Eunsom’s face as Sanung killer, and only Tanya who knows their twin ..

    2. about Eunsom and Sa Ya are the twins to be revealed if two Nweantal Yiseuroobeu and Roddib tell that Asa Hon gave birth to twins

  2. omgggg so intense this episode!,,,am holding my breath while Tanya is dancing, omgggg cant wait for the next episode

  3. Guys the 2nd part is over now I searched it and I got to know that every part is of 6 episode which means 2 parts is over and 3 part is releasing on September 7th ? we have to wait alot

  4. We’re dying to see what will happen next huhu i hope they can release the next episode sooner than september!!

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