Backstreet Rookie Episode 4

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13 Comments to “Backstreet Rookie Episode 4

  1. That Yeon Joo sure does have great logic, saying Saet Byul is a bad-lowly person just because she used violence in that situation. What other option she could had use if not that? Of course talking it out nicely won’t work.

  2. That last scene got me laughing so much there cant be a way out of it hahahah ,and it mostly appears in most of dramas a long term relationship that is hold secret from families is destined to end up in a trash can no matter what you do dont put your loved ones in second place -in love there shouldnt be hesitations for worthless reasons.

  3. Wow! Its getting more exciting. Canā€™t wait for the next episode. Love the portrayal of each character . And the best part is, most if the artist are my favorite!

  4. If you dont know who is songsak in this ep 4 , search The Fiery Priest Songsak fight scene in youtube šŸ™‰ so you will know what relationship between dalsik and songsak šŸ˜† its was so funny šŸ˜‚

    Or u can click this link below šŸ‘‡šŸ»

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