Bad and Crazy (2021) Episode 9

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20 Comments to “Bad and Crazy (2021) Episode 9

  1. The therapist is 110% junho, thats the only link and explanation to su yeol and the kids at the shelter…
    I do agree if it was more realistic, it would’ve been nice.. but series are always a tad unrealistic.
    They’re mixing up two disorders- schizophrenia and DID
    For schizo, they have many other symptoms as well, and they’re usually reliant on medication for daily activities and to function at his job.
    DID they will have gaps in memories… and the personalities dont usually communicate? could be wrong

  2. i think k killed someone from yunho’s side bcs the two people did the same too. and i really have a huge feeling that the therapist is the one behind all of this

  3. Where’s episode 10? And when did we move from a drug/cartel related plot to teenage murder plot? It’s not really adding up

  4. I’ve already understood the plot and story since an episode back, it’s very clear to those who are familiar with movies and plots. I’m still looking forward to the next episode and maybe there will be more twists and new sides to the story.

    This series is very unrealistic furthermore, they’ve barely explained DID or made it a bit more relatable or realistic but instead, it’s more focused on “fantasy” or “subconsciousness” which has its own charm. Personally, I think it would be more of a success if they explained things a bit better while still portraying mysteries about for example his childhood while making it more realistic.

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