Big Mouth (2022) Episode 2

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33 Comments to “Big Mouth (2022) Episode 2

  1. I kinda wish for him to turn into a bad-ass person and it be revealed he is actually big mouse, its obvious it isn’t going to go that way but i wish it would, it’d be an amazing plot twist.

  2. This drama is full of suspense and thriller. In few episodes, it will be the best drama. WAIT AND SEE PEOPLE!

    1. honestly yeah it is. However, it is entertaining to see the combination between him and his wife. though I hope he changes to a somehow more badass prota, it’s way to unrealistic to think he will stay the same dork after jail, especially that jail inn specific. I also like the idea that he is only lucky when he Is in the brink of death, and he uses that to his advantage in the future

  3. watch the first episode even if it is boring, cause the second one is going to blow you away .big mouth really don’t have luck. He can’t die even if he want to. The plot is awesome . Looking forward to the third episode. To be honest it really got me in the part where lee jong suk beat up that old thug and the psychopath. It would be really awesome if big mouth turns to be the real big mouse…..

  4. This drama is sad and entertaining at the same time
    at some moments I was being so emotional and then broo when he beat up the ass of the old man and the psychopath ???
    I swear of God I just repeating the scene again and again it was so powerful and funny????
    I’m looking forward to this drama

  5. I wish male lead comes up with some badass personality cause he just doesn’t fit in these role

  6. I nearly dropped this series , I dont like how lee jong suk in this role , he is a loser and a cry baby . I was tolerating it cuz last episode he said that his destiny changed and something in him changed . the last minutes her got me interested again ( maybe he can’t die easily or he is a real master of crime ) or any hidden plot

    1. Man was framed and is in a prison full of murderers. Do you expect him to laugh orr?? Yall get so mad when the character is REALISTIC. Ain’t no one gon be badass and beating ppl up when they never hit someone in their whole life. If u want sumn superhero drama go watch marvel or sumn

  7. That guy gong jihoon i couldn’t take him seriously!! He was in vincenzo and his role was hilarious ??? but now here he is like a mafia??
    And kwak yeon!!! The big mouse fan…he is an good actor i liked him soo much in vincenzo alsoo!! I hope he is an loveable character here?
    I have no word for lee jong suk…his acting is soo real!!! He and lee min ho is my top1 fav actors??
    It’s my 1st time watching yoona’s acting… I’m looking forward into her??
    Such a good drama?

    1. Yep am really really in to this drama some of you may think me as a crazy but it was a hilarious ? ep for me and seeing kwak Yeon my favorite actor and seeing im yoona drama for the first time too

    2. frl hi in vincenzo was just funny i cant seeem to take him serioulsy now that he has a sorta bad ass character tho im rlly enjoying the drama

  8. Hmm too many romance flashbacks like was the breakup one necessary? What even led up to it? But their love is cute
    I know it’s only episode 2 but I expected more, it seems rlly scripted (I know it is lol) but like how do any of them believe he’s big mouth in the first place? And all the stuff be found in the office…
    I mean the camera work could at least be better. I hope they don’t disappoint with such an amazing cast

    1. i guess they’re going to show more stuff in the next episodes so-
      all we have to do is wait and see how’s he going to improve *in a bad, but good way*

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