Big Mouth (2022) Episode 3

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45 Comments to “Big Mouth (2022) Episode 3

  1. have y’all seen Mouse? I feel like this drama will have the same plottwist and Chang ho could actually be big mouse without be aware of it. Like an alter-ego type thing. If he is I’m so hyped to see that because I love me a villain-hero character.

  2. really think that Chang-Ho is Big Mouse. He shows psychological signs that he probably has a personality disorder, I’m not a psychiatrist but his been giving the vibes lately. It’s really possible he could be Big Mouse.

  3. Idk Abt ur guys but I can’t stop thinking about the gold that we see in ep 1 I guess, there was a men with black cloth i think maybe he is BM

      1. i was thinking the same thing, like su yeol in bad and crazy didn’t realise he was also K. maybe he’s like that minus the seeing his alter

      2. yeah fr i just got reminded of the personality disorder but if it is true that he is the big mouse than its a good ass plot

  4. I was a little bit bored in the beginning of the drama but things are starting to sailllllllll!!! Jong suk is such a good actor, Yoona too T_T ♥♥

  5. Aaaaghhhh!!!
    This drama is making me soo nervous!! Every sec is breathtaking ? like i donno what will happen after i blink!! This is a masterpiece….Lee jong suk is best actor i’ve ever seen…. He doesn’t act…acting comes out it’s own by his eyes and facial expression!! Mind blowing ?

  6. i wish the real big mouse would help him, i mean he took all the blame in order to save miho and himself.

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