Black Dog


This story takes place through the eyes of a teacher who is a young woman hired for a temporary position at a school. Because she realizes the importance of students having dreams to succeed in life, she goes out of her way to fight for them. It gives a social commentary on the potential of students and the teachers involved in the growing up life against a school backdrop.

The new teacher is Go Ha Neul who works on probation at a private funded school. She chose this respected profession because it was a teacher in her life who saved her and inspired to be one. Since she understands the competition in schools, she grows together with students to help them overcome their hurdles.

Mentoring Go Ha Neul at the private school, is the head of the department, Park Sung Soon. She is dedicated to her work and does everything she could to help students and if needed, fight for students welfare.

The Korean language teacher, Do Yeon Woo works at the same school. He is very passionate of teaching and values the importance of hard-work and skill over petty politics. His unique self belief and approach allows him to achieve his goals successfully which makes him great example for his students.

Also known as: 블랙독 / Beullaegdog



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5 Comments to “Black Dog

  1. Only just found about this drama from Twitter after someone posted a scene where one of the teachers showed all of the members from Stray Kids in a PowerPoint presentation. So ill watch this and see how interesting it will be.

  2. Unless if you are into melodramatic type of shows that focuses more about educational systems within schools based in South Korea seeing through hardships and relationships between the teachers and students perspective you have come to the right place there is no love-based genre. It might be towards your liking or not, maybe slow for others maybe not everyone has a different way of viewing interest with these sought of dramas. But give it a go it may be relatable to your understanding.

  3. How come no one give this drama a try?

    This drama is good, I have to admit the first two episodes were quite boring and slow, but as the story progress I think its worth to watch. If you like Misaeng, you have to try watch this drama too!

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