Bloody Heart (2022) Episode 15

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3 Comments to “Bloody Heart (2022) Episode 15

  1. UGHHH! The Queen is annoying the shit out of me. How easy is it for her to play the blame game when he has spent his entire life/being planning a way to keep them safe by getting rid of the factions that has been responsible for their family’s deaths. Seriously! Her holier than thou bullshit is pissing me off.

  2. Has to be one of the BEST period dramas I have ever seen. This drama keeps you on your toes.

    Feels like EVERYONE is getting pushed to the edge of the cliff. ..and the turn of events. ..WOW. Somehow I dont agree with her playing that BIG of a role in the politics. Before this, King was a true puppet but to fight his way to carve out his authority, footsteps and garner support takes a lot of SACRIFICES and it includes scheming. Its naive to think that you act righteous all day everyday and everyone lives happily ever after. Power play …power hunger. ..abuse of power will always exist. ..however, the King needs to be the one leading the race. Remember the previous King? Guy couldn’t even make his own decisions …even if it meant losing his family to suicide or whatever the Ministers wanted. Decisions made by that King were not of his own. Period. Cant wait to see the last episode …this drama is so good, I am disappointed that it only has 16 parts. does not do it justice ..😭😭😭😭😭

    1. Indeed it was one the best drama of the year…
      Same here really felt sad that the drama only have 16 episode. This drama totally give you chills to the bone..
      Everyone have their own fight til the last.
      Big around of applause to everyone esp who made this drama with the best actirs and actress..

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