Born Again


Born again is a love triangle that has a detective and his love interest and a serial killer who loves the detective’s love interest. 32 years have passed since these three individuals passed away. They make a return as they reincarnate themselves into interesting characters. Each of them take following avatars; prosecutor, bone archaeologist and a medical student.

Find out how they deal with this new circumstance in their new avatars.

Airing on: Apr 20, 2020

Also Known as: 본 어게인, dasi taeeonada , 다시 태어나다 , Bon eogein


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Genres: , , ,

Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,

Born Again trailer

24 Comments to “Born Again

  1. I don’t care who will get chosen by her. whoever she choose will be her choice, there’s no wrong answer or right answer. If you guys don’t like the way the ending went, then that’s your fault. I personally think that if the serial killer ends up with her, okay then! There’s nothing wrong with that! An evil dude can have a heart for the woman he loves and so can she too. A woman can have the heart to love killer, that is just love. Anything is just about possible right now. I have not watched this at all, and will brgin the series starting 2day so I don’t care who she ends up with, I just hope she’s happy with the guy♡´・ᴗ・`♡

  2. You know it’s impossible to resist this drama the moment you see the main male actors in the trailer, I’m like I MUST WATCH THIS MY HEART is melTINGGG😍😍😍

  3. The end was terible
    She forgive the man who killed the man who was going to mary and another woman but she could not forgive the nan who accidentally killed her parents
    What kind of a woman stays with the murderer???
    The writwers what they were thinking?
    Sorry but the end was SHIT

    1. I agree. That’s why I didn’t watch the last 2 episodes. I felt like I wasted my time………..

  4. I really love this drama. I can’t wait for new episodes every week hahah. I hope the male lead have his very happy ending 😭😭

  5. This drama is so boring and all over the place. i had high hopes but as i watched all episodes leading up to episode 4, i gave up. not gonna watch anymore.

  6. I love the lead actress since Dr stranger…she’s beautiful…and I love both the male actors..hope it will be a happy ending or I will be disappointed..

  7. The first second into this trailer and I saw the lead female’s face…I thought to myself… Naw, Not Her AGAIN… and was going to ditch the trailer altogether and any thought of watching the soon to be released drama…
    But, then I remembered…this chick usually play’s opposite some GOOD LOOKING MEN !!!! Sooo, I decided to hang in there for the remainder of the trailer….
    OH, BOY !!!!! Was that a SMART MOVE on my part… Because along came the UNBELIEVABLE, WELL LONGED for SIGHTING of LEE HYUK SOO (stage name Lee Soo Hyuk)…. O Ma, O Ma…. I just bout had a ‘mental seizure’ just looking at HIM….HE electrified ME Sooooooo !!!!!!! Bonanza!!! I’m HOT !!!! LOL
    Anything LEE HYUK SOO plays in…. I will at least glance at it….. HE IS ONE ‘GOOD LOOKING MAN’ !!!!!!
    I can’t wait till HE comes into the full knowledge of his masculinity and quit that ‘wafer thin’ , starving, metro-sexual look…. GET some MAN MEAT on them BONES of his…BULK UP, and try to get back that DEEP pitched VOICE of his (that his ‘mistake’ of a rhinoplasty procedure, messed up)…Plus, he should go back to the surgeon who did his eye surgery and get reverted back to the original eye lids he was born with (his eyes before surgery were SPECTACULAR)….
    All Lee Hyuk Soo needs to do is ‘just Stand’ there, anywhere…. STRAIGHT and TALL and LET me GAZE at the UTTER MALE PERFECTION that YAH gave HIM for FREE and IN ABUNDANCE !!!! An I’ll tell you what I will be DELIGHTED fo’ DAZES!!!!
    I’m definitely going to glance at this drama when it is released… JUST TO GAZE AT LEE HYUK SOO !!!!!

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