Call It Love (2023)


Sim Woo Joo’s life takes a dark turn when she is cast out of her home by her father’s mistress after his death. Fueled by revenge, she sets out to seek retribution but soon meets Han Dong Jin, the son of her father’s former mistress. As they spend more time together, they both begin to see each other in a new light and their relationship transforms into something deeper and more meaningful. Han Dong Jin, a lonely workaholic, finds solace in his newfound connection with Sim Woo Joo. Through their relationship, they both learn to heal from the pain of their pasts and find happiness and love in each other. This romantic melodrama explores the themes of growth, redemption, and the power of love to heal even the most broken of hearts.

Also known as: 사랑이라 말해요 原来这就是爱啊 Sarangira Malhaeyo Please Say This Is Love / Tell Me It’s Love


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Air Date: Feb 22, 2023

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Starring: , , , , , ,

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24 Comments to “Call It Love (2023)

  1. If this drama not your cup of tea, just move along. Agree to disagree. It’s a good drama with good actors/ actresses.

  2. people are calling this drama a slow-paced, boring, and depressing/sad story but imo the chemistry fucking slaps, you get in your feels and cry with them as well. ik that it is a little slow but some people like this genre and it’s okay to not like it.

    and my suggestion to those people who are not passing the vibe check please you don’t have any right to say it if your fav drama is literally business proposal :p

    1. Right? ML is FAF! I think the pace will be picking up. I personally appreciate the emotionally intellectual aspect of this drama instead of the all too often typical naive, ignorant FL who sleeps with her stuffed animals…I agree with the chemistry…has me holding my breath at times!

  3. Don’t waste your time. It’s very slow-moving and boring. The two main characters seem depressed 99% of the time, giving their faces one dimension. They may as well wear a mask.

    1. Just say it’s not your type of drama and move on please. Don’t discourage others because you don’t like it. Go and watch your cringy drama and leave this one for us that like it

      1. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but it seems some feel more so than others.
        People are so soft they can’t accept a negative unless they’re dishing it out.
        Grow up!

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