Chocolate (2019)


When Lee Kang (Yoon Kye Sang) was small, he dreamed of becoming a chef, but he now is a neurosurgeon. He appears to be cold but he is warm-hearted on the inside. When Moon Cha Young(Ha Ji Won) was a kid, she met Lee Kang at a small restaurant in the seaside town. Lee Kang cooked a meal for her, which becoms the happist memory for her and it led Moon Cha Young to become a chef.

Years after, Neurosurgeon Lee Kang and chef Moon Cha Young meet again at a hospice ward.

Also known as: 초콜릿 / Chokolis / Chokolrit

Also Known As:


Status: Completed

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21 Comments to “Chocolate (2019)

  1. Great acting by all the actors in this drama. They didn’t fail to shed tears from my eyes everyday. At first I thought the drama os so slow but suddenly the story line changed and I started loving it.

  2. Best drama ever, I really love the story. It’s a classic Lee Kyung-hee drama. Having Ha Jiwon and Yoon Kyesang as a couple lead is a bonus to make it perfect!

  3. For those of you wondering where episode 7 is, I think it accidentally got uploaded under the drama, “Stove League.”

      1. Episode 7 is still on the “Stove League” drama!
        Thank you sooo much for leaving this post for others like me! It actually says “Chocolate” episode 7 in the episode list for “Stove League” 1/19/20

  4. Can’t wait for the next(all) the episodes!?super excited! You really are my fave korean actress Ms. Ha Ji Won!? watch all of ur dramas, whoever your partner on screen maybe, i’ll always be following u. Love both of you in this drama.?????

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