Crash Landing on You Episode 4

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18 Comments to “Crash Landing on You Episode 4

  1. i like this too, it is quite rare that the love of north korean and south korean involved, by the way, was the place in north korea is really in north korea?

  2. I wanted to make a wild guess here that he did take her picture on that bridge. And both of them cross path with each other few times at Switzerland but only Hyun Bin notice her because he remember her starting from the bridge Ye Jin try to make a suicide. Is that why he smile when first time saw her on the tree? 😅 ahh please make it a correct answer writer nim.

    1. That’s what I thought too only he remembers her and he also likes her damn he is lucky the girl he likes is in his country n his house hohoooo

      1. yes I think like u
        but as whole I want it to have a happy ending
        and Im really intrested that how much the witter is creative 🙂

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