Crazy Love (2022) Episode 12

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14 Comments to “Crazy Love (2022) Episode 12

  1. I’m so happy she made it clear that it was misdiagnoses by taking him to the hospital, cause if he had found out from somewhere else he would have misunderstood her. I can’t wait for the next episode ,finally Sooyoung will know he does like Lee Shina for real because he doesn’t have amnesia lol

  2. So bad his best friend who is like a brother backstabbing him, I want him to be exposed and dragged out of the company, what about Mr Nor’s private detective why isn’t he reporting Mr Oh to the CEO already. can’t wait until next episode to air.

  3. I forgot to mention that the instructor bothered me because why do people believe everything they hear without asking the actual person who supposedly “back stabbed” them. I don’t even care if they get rid of him as an instructor because he’s so gullible, so much for being smart

    1. HEY!!! you mean the Funny one why you got to talk to him like that

      I love that guy he’s funny and plus he’s just misunderstood I don’t blame him I would want revenge to.

  4. my heart stopped for a second when he got angry at the misdiagnosed cancer case, I thought it was over before it even began and how did Mr Noh manners figure out that lee Sina’s brother and best friend are dating?

    1. I expected him to act that way, because he was already feeling so devasted about loosing a close person,that was why he wanted to give up the company

  5. The BEST EPISODE almost everybody found out something new plus new romantic scenes so AMAZING ☺️😆 to much to talk about😊

  6. bruh why cant she just leave him alone like…she already did leave him before anyways and he doesnt even like her anymore like damn its embarrassing lol

    1. I couldn’t remember where did I saw her before, turns out that she is the same actress from “oh my Venus” i hated her character there too, since she stole the bf of her best friend (like actually cheating on her) and did all type of backstabbing. Now here she is also a crazy, obsessed with someone, friend deceiving girl.

      I realized it was here when she was putting the lipstick in the bathroom scene (the chapter where the mains kiss in front of her) since she has the same scene in oh my Venus.

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