Crazy Love (2022) Episode 2

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4 Comments to “Crazy Love (2022) Episode 2

  1. Hello, everyone…

    Is there anyone finished this drama ..?? did anyone how is it going to end ?? happy or sad ?? I’m still in episode 2 and can’t stop laughing ^ ^ . I think the hospital miss diagnosis here but she will find out late after she did what she did … omg his face was priceless she destroyed his prestige as Saiko LOOOOOOL … I this ever one will do the same ( I mean slap the Resignation letter in his or her evil boss ) ^ ^

  2. Saying she’s his Fiancée was freaking Genius NGL. It explains why she went to his place in the middle of the night, and it suggests she has less motive to kill him. It could backfire on her, that’s why it’s genius.

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