Dear.M (2022)


The drama follows a group of Soyeon University students who are trying to figure out who is hiding under the pseudonym “M”, mentioned in an anonymous post on the university online community. The romance drama will follow their changing relationships and budding romances.

Ma Joo Ah (Park Hae Soo) a 2nd year student in the Business Administration Department. She is a bright, warm hearted girl who has no interest in romantic relationships and has never dated.

Cha Min Ho (Jae Hyun) is a Computer Science student. He has a talent for developing mobile applications. He has been friends with Ma Joo Ah for 12 years.

Seo Ji Min (No Jung Ui) is a student of the Economics Department and is a member of the schools cheering squad.

Park Ha Neul (Bae Hyun Sung) is also a student in the Business Administration Department and is an honorary ambassador of the university.

Also known as: 디어엠 디어엠-연플리 Dieoem Dieo.em Dear M Dear M. Love Playlist 2021/  Love Playlist: Dear.M/  Love Playlist Season 5/  Love Playlist S5 / Love Playlist 5


Status: Completed

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Dear.M (2022) trailer

46 Comments to “Dear.M (2022)

  1. s’il vous plaît, ne répandez aucune rumeur car les acteurs ont travaillé si dur pour ce drame et ont attendu longtemps/guys don’t spread any rumors as the cat worked so hard for this drama and we’re waiting a long time 🙁

  2. Now I got this the real one behind the post of Dear.M on Seorab was Gil Mok Jin.It was fun watching this drama,it’s like a therapy.For me it’s totally a streesbuster, first I was not so interested when I saw the teaser and then when I started watching this drama,I’m addicted and more curious about what’s going to happen next.But this drama ends so quickly,now I’m Missing it༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

  3. My girl Park HyeSoo WASN’t a bully…So, please do watch this drama and SUPPORT my man JaeHyun’s AMAZING acting debut…Bye..Love yall

  4. Guys, it’s gonna air this June 29, 2022!!!!! They decided to release it first under a Japanese broadcasting network, so the first 6 episodes are on VIKI. Please support Jaehyun in his acting debut, thank you!

    1. And what now. She’s proven that she’s not a bully ! Dont spread fake rumors when you dont even know things..

  5. Y’all be doing the most about bullying scandals like just air the series and get on with life, fretting over minor things. -_-

  6. ah also if u saw the NCT world show, you’d be seeing that jaehyun was challenged to eat a lot of food. But that same day he was going on a diet for the drama so after the challenge, he started working out more.

      1. It will not be aired anytime soon either. The lead actress park hye soo has bullying allegation against her and her company hasn’t reelased any statement regarding it yet. That’s why KBS has put it on hold until further notice

        1. y’all be doing the most about bullying scandals like bruh just air the series and go on with life

    1. I think there was an issue with one of the lead actors (something about a bullying claim?) so they are postponing it…

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