Delayed Justice (2020)


Park Tae Yong and Park Sam Soo fight for judicial victims who are falsely accused.

Park Tae Yong, a public defender, was born as the son of an undertaker on an island. He did not take the typical route to become a lawyer. After graduating from high school, he did not go to a university. He later passed the bar exam and became a lawyer. He is full of justice and has empathy for others. He will defend all kinds of petty offenders. A turning point occurs in his legal career when he becomes the first attorney to win a general criminal retrial case.

Park Sam Soo is a reporter. After he graduated from a university, he worked as a non-permanent employee. Thanks to his excellent writing skills, he became a reporter. He looks for stories which are ignored or passed over by other reporters. He is easily moved to tears and is soft-hearted.

Director: Kwak Jeong Hwan [곽정환]

Also known as: 날아라 개천용 지연된 정의 Jiyeondoen Jeongui Narara Gaecheonyong Nalara Gaecheonyong Delayed Justice Flying Gaecheonyong Fly Up Gaecheonyong Fly From Rags To Riches Fly Dragon


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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8 Comments to “Delayed Justice (2020)

  1. I was wondering what happened to the Drama myself, then read on SOOMPI that the actor playing the reporter had been charged for DUI. So the Studio took the decision to let him go due to public outrage. So for a while there, the future of the show was hanging. Fortunately, his friend stepped in and is finishing the drama. I saw Episodes 17 and 18 on Viki and it has been a smooth transition. Looking good but they are SO SLOW with the subbing…Sheesh!

  2. I really missed the old PARK Sam So actor. He is so talented that he can bring the character so alive and real.

  3. Why Park Sam Soo actor is been replaced in episode 33? Changing actor in the middle of the drama is not appropriate can’t feel the senserity of the character in the new actor is way too different. Im dropping to watch this drama, i love the old Park Sam Soo…actor very much D I S A P P O I N T E D

  4. Pls when are the uploading new episodes of this entertaining & thrillingdrama. Kdrama shld know plp v diff favourites. I am not a fan if chilish family dramas like man in a veil or no ,after what.
    But I believe there should be equality in all the dramas. Stop depriving us if the 2 days u give to this drama in a week .pls post new eps early with subs

    1. Starting Episode 33 PARK SAM SOO actor will be replaced… in the start of the episode is great….im dropping to watch it since the other lead actor is been replaced found no senserity and no justice at all in portraying the reporter character there acting are different can’t feel the emotion.

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