Do You Like Brahms?


A story about students of a prestigious music school and people in their lives. They go to class, practice, perform, compete from a young age, and confront teachers and parents who are obsessed with their success. Park Joon Young and Chae So Na are in the center of the plot.

Park Joon Young  started playing piano at the age of six. He won high-profile competitions in the country, and then across the world.

Chae Song Ah, a college senior majoring in violin. After graduating previously as a business major, she entered the same university again to study music after four failed attempts. She is seven years older than her classmates.

Director: Jo Yeong Min [조영민]

Also known as: 브람스를 좋아하세요 Beuramseureul Joahaseyo Beuramseuleul Jonghahaseyo Please Love Brahms Liking Brahms


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: Aug 31, 2020

Genres: , ,

Starring: , , , ,

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22 Comments to “Do You Like Brahms?

  1. Hey, it’s a beautifully amazing drama. Please update the download links. I’m not able to download it. Thanks much.

  2. Aaaaaahhhhhh! Sorry for a spoiler. Wow, I almost gave up on this drama. But hung in there with great consequences.
    These 2 leads glowed at the end. The heart wrenches they experienced kind of faded. Their beautiful natural smiles were a plus. The whole cast, writers and crew pulled the drama off in style!! Thx for the subs dramacool

  3. OMG!
    Them playing Brahms on stage together was redeeming. Iplayed the scene over and over.
    I forgave everything I didn’t like about this drama because of that performance.
    Despite the slow pacing and all around depressing aura of all the main characters, this drama keeps on pulling me to continue watching. It’s probably the contradictions I saw and how the actors emote those contradictions.
    Bravo to Eun Bin playing Song Ah; brilliant performance of a girl who is demure,and sweet, full of insecurities, yet strong and brave and able to vocally convey her intuitiveness. Bravo to Kim Min Jae playing pianist Joon Young. His deep voice “I like You’s and I love you’s ” sounded like they were pulled out of his heart as he said them. LOL.
    Apart these 2 are lost sad souls, but together they both make sense, mainly because Song Ah is able to organize and sort out Joon Young’s confusion and conflicting thoughts and put them in words he can understand. Joon Young on his end, gives confidence to Song Ah’s insecurities. It is just right to put them back together.
    Awaiting episode 16 for the win!


  4. Currently saw the ending of episode 14.
    2 cents: Do you like Brahms?
    Joon Young doesn’t like Brahms and has never played Brahms.
    Song Ah likes Brahms.
    I think to show his conviction/ sincerity to her, he will play Brahms for the Tchaikovski Competition and be awesome and win first place. The Kyungsoo girl will go back to Hyeon Ho, and the best friend will be w/ that instrument fixer/maker…
    …and they live happily ever after. LOL.
    I wonder if it is only up to episode 16. Still want to see more of Joon Young-Song Ah tandem.

  5. I love that this drama is different in terms of plot. It’s heart wrenching seeing how people who can look ok are actually struggling. I fail to understand why Park Joon Young’s Mum has stayed with her husband who seems to have no regard for his family. He literally has dragged down his family over and over again and never learns his lesson because both Joon Young and his mum feed his habit by paying off his debts every time. He needs a reality check.
    I’m also hoping for a happy ending for our leads. They are such a cute couple.

    1. IKR?
      They both look depressing but they look cute together, cronica, they should clear up misunderstandings and get back together for a happy ending.

  6. Epi 11 pls im xcited this is othe kdrama that I watch plus its Kim Min Jae so handsome and talented..i like it very much???

  7. Hoping they have a happy ending, Jung Kyung gets back with Hyun Ho, and Min Sung gets together with Dong Yoon!

  8. nakakaawa nmn c chae sung ha parang panakip butas lang sana hndi ganun kc mahal nya c park young joung hmmm nakaka stress ang susunod tagal mong hintayin

  9. So far, at episode 10.
    This drama started out strong for me. I think it is unique that the stories w/in the drama revolve around piano and string orchestra. The love story between the male and female lead blossomed sweetly and both are doing a great job portraying it so sweetly, as well. However, it seems like it is dragging in the last 2 episodes. I thought I’d see Joon Young’s conviction in liking Song Ah already; instead, I am still seeing him wavering. There isn’t something new in the last episode. The story has not moved and it is a little bit disappointing as it really did start strong. I am still following this to the end, though. I hope it will move out from being a drag.

  10. Some disappointing threads are weaving into this drama. The starts and stops in the story theme are a bit annoying. Kim Min Jae is a fav, but this drama does not support his talent and charisma as his other projects have. But, I assume things will pick up with a pleasant ending for the lead couple. Thx for the subs!!

  11. When will you release ep 7 pls if you release it soon I am wating your channle is super duper cool like yor chanle tag pls relese it soon darama cool is cool.can you give notification of release of 7 ep of do you like brahms.

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