Doctor John


“Doctor Room” is a new medical drama about doctors specializing in pain management. In a refreshing take on the genre, “Doctor Room” will portray the doctors’ search for the cause of their patients’ mysterious pain as a thrilling chase, almost like a detective hunting down the perpetrator behind an unsolved crime.

Cha Yo Han is a genius anesthesiologist, who is also the youngest professor at his medical school. The brilliant doctor goes by the nickname “10 Seconds,” referring to his ability to figure out his patients in the 10 seconds that it takes for them to enter an examination room and walk to their seat.

Kang Si Young is a legendary anesthesiologist, who was always at the top of her class throughout medical school. The talented doctor inherited her skills from her cool-headed, rational mother, while she inherited her empathy, listening skills, and warm bedside manner from her father.

Also known as: 닥터룸 / Dagteolum


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18 Replies to “Doctor John

  1. Ok Imma say it now. The hair extensions of the main female lead are pissing me off. Like wth are those? Please tell me it’s not just me…

    1. Not just you, its been pissing tf off like you couldve made it less obvious or let her just chill with short hair, i reallllly dont see the need for the long hair tf? Ruining an otherwise perfect drama. Watch the US steal it lmfao

  2. I really really loved this…i can’t wait to upload the next episodes..

    So far other than doctor movie i watch this is one the best i swear…love to watch even a thousand times…

    Can’t wait for the next episodes..

    Thumbs up and a million applause to the whole team of doctor john

  3. Wow I like this kind of drama they act naturally all the staff are good actors. One of my favorite Korean Actor is Ji Sung…

    1. These are the last episodes actually, drama cool out two episodes in one so it’s an hour long. While other sites put only all 32 episodes for 39 minutes. Dramacool put two episodes together making it an hour long. So the drama is finished.

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