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23 Comments to “Eve (2022) Episode 14

  1. Seriously I don’t like the way she showed him like she really loved, because love is not a thing that you can play with it,

  2. I don’t want o Watch episode 15???????
    I’d be crying every single minute ??????????
    Dis is extremely heart breaking ??????
    At first, I wasn’t really in support of La el and Chairman Kang’s relationship but now they have my full support
    I just pray and hope that chairman Kang doesn’t kill himself just so dat La el can be happy because I’m sure La el won’t be???????

  3. Every time LaEL and Koo Yum scene appeared I really hope that they will just forgive each other and start a new life, that’s the ending I want. On the other side I also wanted all of the people who were involved on the death of the family of La EL to pay their crimes through death. And I can see in the preview Yoo Kum will possibly fulfill La EL’s wish and we should brace ouselves for this TRAGIC LOVE STORY OF THESE TWIN FLAMES WHO WILL NEVER END UP TOGETHER. There Love isn’t that STRONG TO FORGIVE EACH OTHER. This drama is already tragic since the beginning. I really just hope that the 2 remaining episodes will give THE ENDING IT DESERVES.

  4. guys the chairman wanted gediks so they got gediks for him. he saw the blood stained contract. it was in his safe. he knew it was not gotten in a clean way but pretended to be innocent by turning a blind eye. i feel sorry for him and la el. love is the strongest emotion and theyre both loosing it because of love. i hope la el gets her revenge and has a happy ending.

  5. Okay… So i was right, the chairman has “nothing” to do with this shit, it was all the old man and his daughter’s caprice. I feel soooo bad for the chairman..

  6. She keeps on asking him to die, and from the preview it looks like he’s going to fulfill her wishes. And when he dies, it’ll only made it worse and La El will be broken mentally, and she’ll probably not going to forgive herself. With her history of self harming, she probably in the end will kill herself too.

    I feel bad for the lawyer bcs La El in a way is like using his kindness and love, and he’s going through everything for her 🙁 BUT i really hope that in the end, the chairman and La El will have a happy ending together. The chairman is a sad soul, he never had a happiness since small… i feel bad for him. He only loves her and willing to give everything for her. I really want them to have a happy ending together.

  7. Like always she choses the worst scenario ? except for “it’s okay to not be okay “.. how could she play with someone’s life who chose her only.. the worst thing ever is to live with anger.. she will never get her revenge she will destroy her self in the end.. what about a happy ending for her and him at list !

  8. The chairman is really cute but the Lawyer is cuter ?
    Sometimes loving someone can be so hard due to some situations and you will also find it difficult to let go

  9. I really feel bad for the chairman, he didn’t have a hand in any of the murder, he only turned a blind eye which makes him an accomplice, I really feel bad for him, his going through so much..

    1. that is very true, however doing nothing and turning a blind eye is as bad as the perpetrator. “The ones who turn a blind eye is as bad at the abuser committing the crime. But this show is so good, great cast and amazing acting.

  10. I hope they get what they deserved lee la el went through too much .I hope chairman kang is going to kill all of them and then kill himself that would be good ending for me.Chairman new that kang so ra killed someone and he still stay with her, y’all better not excuse him cause for me staying with killer is making you just as guilty.

      1. It’s interesting to see,how everyone of us want a different ending.Some want her to end up with the lawyer and some with the chairman.There are also people,who just want her to take revenge.
        I personally think that the chairman will kill himself,or gets killed.Lee la el will get really emotional and mentally destroyed.I don’t know if she can continue her revenge plan.

    1. I agree but when I look into his eyes his so heart broken for her, breaks my heart.. But he should of done something yes from the start, but how can you with a father in law like him, he needs to rot in hell.. and the side kick with him………

    2. Um idk man towards the end it seems like he didn’t actually know anything about that woman’s murder.he believed his wife’s lies back then. So I don’t reallyyy blame him for that. I hope he DOESNT kill himself.

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