Eve (2022) Episode 15

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22 Comments to “Eve (2022) Episode 15

  1. Honestly, I cried when she found him at the church. Everyone has a different opinion about their love story & let’s respect that. Admit it or not, sometimes we do crazy things for love.

    1. Exactly, as one french philosopher said “the heart has its reasons that the reason ignores”. Love is irrational, and unpredictable.. i kind of feel La El.

  2. wow that was so exciting and scary to watch at the same time.. Could not breath .. can not wait for ep 16 , I just hope they do not die together ..

  3. ffs i cannot believe she’s still going with this nonsense??? like. i get it, you love him, you don’t want him to k word but does it really mean you gotta start a new relationship?
    i feel like they’ll feed us w a bullshit, romantic ending. at this point idc if they die except for seo. i rly hope he makes it alive lol

  4. Damn I wasn’t actually expecting a happy ending for them. Kinda feel like Yoon-kyum will end up taking a bullet for her. Like.. literally.

    1. I don’t know if ure white or black. But u don’t use the nigga word on a non black and if ure not black u can’t use the night word at all. Don’t be ignorant .

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