Falling Into Your Smile (2021)


Student Tong Yao makes two vows: to never be in a relationship with someone in the same field and to make up for the Chinese League of Legends.

When Tong Yao earns her spot as the first formal female player in China’s professional league, she catches the attention of an elite team captain. Facing doubts and inconveniences, she meets each challenge with her own persistence and her teammates’ support.

After much effort, what will become of her vows? Will she stand on the world stage to make up for six years of regret? Will she avoid a romantic entanglement within the e-sports world?

Adapted from the novel You’re Beautiful When You Smile by Qing Mei.

Original Network: Tencent Video; Youku; LINE TV;

Director: Qiu Zhong Wei [裘仲维]

Also known as: 你微笑时很美 你微笑時很美 Ni Wei Xiao Shi Hen Mei You Are Beautiful When Smiling You’re Beautiful When You Smile


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: , ,

Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Falling Into Your Smile (2021) trailer

345 Comments to “Falling Into Your Smile (2021)

    1. There are only 31 Episodes, this was released as one episode per day. Hopefully we’ll be able to see a second season, THAT would be amazing!

  1. Falling Into Your Smile is not only a loving and thrilling drama, but an inspiration for people who have been discriminated because of their gender, race or age. As shown anyone can be the ultimate champion no matter what. For those who are shooting for their dreams, never give up! Go go squid and Gank Your Heart are other recommendations if you like e-sport dramas. I would just like to note that we should try to appreciate the people who sub every ep especially when we don’t know whats going on in their lives. Thank you dramacool for another wonderful drama. ^ v ^

  2. Kinda sucks they’ll only upload 29 & 30 but not 31 as well. Waiting one day for the last episode truly a jerker.

  3. English Subs please for EP 29,30,31 please I am begging you make it fast when putting the english subs 🙁

  4. I have been waiting for 4 days … plz give us subs dramacool!
    I waited cause someone said they will put subs in Monday..so where is subtitles?

  5. I’m starting to lose interest in this drama I’m waiting for 4 days now please hurry up because I don’t think I’m gonna continue watching this drama you know I don’t have patience or something like that. Thank you.

    1. Check it out for yourself on “my drama list” site. Then you see when the new episode comes, then it comes on dramacool itself. Give them time <3

  6. Please Release the subtitles of this drama episode from 23-8 please.I hope you will release as soon as possible

  7. Please dramacool please ? give English subtitles of episode 23-28 please dramacool I don’t sleep properly in nights please dramacool ??

  8. ?‍♀️where is Eng sub??
    Watching drama without subtitle…feels like I’m an illiterate.
    So plzz? update it with English subtitle?

  9. please upload subtitle for this drama …. we cant wait any more ……. same hear there are no any subtitles for ancient love poetry
    so sad to say those two dramas are superb as always ,,,,, admin pleace have us mercy

  10. dramacool caa you upload the subs please? episode by episode is fine too I’m just desperate to see what happens next haha. Thank you for all your guys’ hard work! 🙂

  11. can you please add English sub? i m waiting for 2 days now 🙁 not hating or saying you are lazy but i am very impatient

  12. So exciting. Soso you are ao cute. And the way you look at smiling make me so embarrassed.. sexy and hot my soso?????

  13. Please please update the next episode please..?because the end of ep 20 almost ? kill me so i need next episodes please update the next episode..?

  14. Stop being so disrespectful they literally do their best to translate it in English for us so stop being so inpatient about it everyone is waiting for it not just you and be happy that your able to watch it

      1. Dude chill why are you being so aggressive? They just asked a question so if you don’t have anything useful or nice to say don’t say it

  15. dramacool isn’t the one who decided when episodes should be released. They are following the release for Chinese TV.

    Episodes air Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at a CERTAIN time, which means dramacool has to wait for the release (RAW) before they can add english subtitles. They take around 1-2h to translate the episodes.

    For what I know, the episodes should be released at 7pm CET (2am KST).

    Stop whining in the comments & do some good in your life. Then you can come here and watch the episodes, complaining and cursing at dramacool won’t make China broadcast the drama faster.

    1. well if you think dramacool uploads the subbed episodes 4 hours after wetv uploads the vip episodes then your wrong but I mean like dramacool can upload whenever they want cuz it’s already a good think that they will even upload the early episodes.

    2. Look the episodes are now on air for about two days and latest 5 more EPs are there but RAW it’s been stressing me out and i have been waiting every patiently but now it’s too much . I request dramacool too kindly sub this drama please . We are desperately waiting TT
      Hope you can understand our dedication ?
      No Hate !!

  16. why are so many of you rushing for the episodes and being so rude in the comment section. good things come to those who wait. if you know you can not be patient do not watch ongoing dramas.

    1. Not sure abt it…but the trailer of this cdrama has 30 ep….you can check in YOUKU youtube channel….they only update mon-thu…every this day…they will update 2 ep per day. You also can watch this drama in WeTv. I’m here bcs there were VIP start ep 11 so I’m here to watch it free

  17. Guys! Please be patient! I’m waiting to but it’s not dramacool’s fault.
    This week it will be released 19 and 20 on tuesday, 21 and 22 on wednesday only. Follow YOUKU channel on YouTube for the schedule.

  18. Thank you for sharing these FREE episodes. Also appreciate that you take your precious time in translating it to English for us to Enjoy! ? We do not know what circumstances you have and might endure but thank you for thinking of others and sharing things for others and us to enjoy, I know it’s not nice when others rush you for trying to do something nice. Like if it’s expected of you or your obligated too. NO . It’s not fair. We receiving this FREE thanks to you and those that post these episodes. Really appreciate it! Do not mind those that are anxious. Thank

  19. Wtf we waited for so long and you only posted 2 episodes. where tf are the other episodes??!!! Y’all better post them fast ??

    1. stop being disrespectful, you haven’t paid anything for them to upload it ! they aren’t obliged to do

    2. Bruhh this drama only update mon-thu…there is two ep of the day…that’s why dramacool just update two ep…btw this drama have release this year and not other year….when you can’t wait for another ep you can download apps Wetv…

    3. go do something else and stop waiting you’re just sitting here saying they’re doing a bad job, and they’re working hard to post it, if you don’t want it then how about you go wait somewhere else

  20. can you please post new ep i still not sleep,play,study with my friends
    i only waiting for new ep
    i only see computer and watch is there new ep come or not

  21. You all are so disrespectful on the comments. We’re not even paying for this and you demand as if you do. Please don’t ask when they will be updated, you can search it on the internet when they release new ep. So annoying

  22. Thank you for sharing these FREE episodes. Also appreciate that you take your precious time in translating it to English for us to Enjoy! ? We do not know what circumstances you have and might endure but thank you for thinking of others and sharing things for others and us to enjoy, I know it’s not nice when others rush you for trying to do something nice. Like if it’s expected of you or your obligated too. NO . It’s not fair. We receiving this FREE thanks to you and those that post these episodes. Really appreciate it! Do not mind those that are anxious. Thank you

  23. Drama cool plz we appreciate ur hard work subbing and stuff but we can’t wait any longer please just post the new episode we’re begging ??no one slept because of waiting for the new episodes so please just just post them??????

  24. Well you are really testing our patience now ?? like seriously it’s Monday already.I wish I would get to see next episodes by tomorrow morning.

  25. When is episode 17 going to be published. Waiting since morning. I had exam but i was thinking when episode will be published. It’s already 8 pm. Post it now plzzzzzzz

  26. Dramacool plz post new episode….. I am crying now and i can’t sleep, study or eat…..i am waiting so long….. I feel sleepy but i still wake up for update….plz plz????????????????

    1. If yall want to watch episode 17 and 18 u can watch in website kisskh they uploade early ep 19 will be released in 16 hours and the web site is good plzzz spread the information ??

  27. Drama cool please I didn’t sleep the whole night just waiting for the new episodes so please please please just post them already ????????????????????

  28. Hello dramacool…

    Today is Monday day and At what time will you upload next episode?. We wait a long time because we are really interesting to happen next episode then Please reply me soon.. Let me know…

    Thank you….

  29. O my godddd!!why u taking so long i just googled if when is the release and it say july 5 but i’ve been wating since 3days agooo

  30. I think whenever Viki gets the new episodes, that’s when whatever new episodes will get posted.

  31. thanks for the uploading the episodes of falling into your smile. still waiting for the next update go go go guys were waiting for it. we love you so much for doing all of this.

  32. Episode 17 and 18 shld most probs be released today right ????..Love yall for doing this for us … stay safe peeps:)

  33. Isn’t this drama supposed to be aired everyday and upload on sites on the very same day after sub is edited?
    Why is it taking so long to post new videos as viewer I feel like I’ve been waiting for this drama since ages now I’ve never felt this impatient for any other drama … so have mercy on us viewers and upload it.

    1. lmao, what’s wrong with you? being a translator isn’t an easy job especially when it’s a language not in your area. They have to put a lot of effort in searching up the correct words for gaming and that alone takes time.

      Also, it is true that the drama releases every day throughout the week, on television, if i’m not wrong. For what I know, the drama’s episodes will be available for everyone monday & tuesday and will be prob released later due to subbing. Rather than bashing the translators, thank them for their hard work.

    2. What’s wrong with you? This drama is supposed to be payed and we watch it her for free. Stop demanding as if you do and be patient. So disrespectful

  34. Can’t wait anymore ?i know you guys are doing a lot for us & I appreciate that but plz post next episodes fast..feeling like a decade I’m not seeing this drama?waiting for the episodes update badly

  35. Ep17 will be release on date 5, i see in Google they say lead hero injury hand so he can’t play game

  36. Dramacool is the fastest episode uploader than any other site…If u have so urgency just watch the episodes on vip subscription. Do not curse them..

  37. Okay Dramacool owner and subtitles writer Thanks a lot for uploading dramas
    But can you please hurry up and upload we re waiting for so many days and now I think it seems like ages??
    Please ??

  38. Guys please be patient and appreciative that they’re actually subbing it for us to watch for FREE, as in we don’t pay them to do this. I understand the impatience because I myself am also a huge fan of Falling into Your Smile but it’s not up to the subbers whether the drama is uploaded everyday or every week.

    To sum up the release schedule (which I myself am not too sure about), the first week the drama is released they upload 2 episodes per day however from the second week onwards it’ll only upload from Monday to Wednesday.

    Please stop acting like entitled Karens while cussing them out or calling them “lazy”, you should be thanking them.

    1. That’s true! This week it will be released 19 and 20 on tuesday, 21 and 22 on wendsday only. Follow YOUKU channel on YouTube for the schedule.

  39. Been waiting for Ep17 and 18 since 2 days ..Can you please released it ASAP ? Can’t wait anymore ?

  40. Why is the Ep 17 and 18 uploaded, I have been waiting for it since yesterday and now. I have not seen anything. I thought the ep 17 and 18 have been upload by now. I am still waiting oooo.☹️☹️☹️☹️

  41. WHEN DOES EP 17 RELEASE ? is their like a specific time cause I have been checking the entire day ☹️

  42. Every week there will b 6 episodes.. like 2 episodes per day, for 3 days a week. So be patient until the channel release new episode.. since it’s still ongoing. The uploaders also can’t help it until they get episodes anywhere. Let’s be patient and wait for the new episodes. And I really want to thank the team for giving the dramas in one place without any charges.. thank u again for your hard work. Fighting

  43. pls post ep 17 and 18 i cant wait anymore i know that you guys work really hard but can u be a bit fast pls?

  44. Y’all please hurry up and post the episodes we’ve been waiting for so long. Can you guys plzzzzz just post the episodes please please please please please please?༎ຶ‿༎ຶ ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

  45. When new ep will on air?arghhh i just cant wait anymoreee pleaseeee dont make us like thisss i literlly wait here and find on viu then wetv just want to look new ep 17?

  46. Yesterday around this time ..both episodes were posted … as in what I want to know is ..Is there a standard time when the episodes are posted or does it depend on the editor ? If any one knows the time lemme know please ..cause I stayed up from 3am over here ..please ..

    1. I wait too long why dramacool why……i can’t wait anymore… When they post 17 and 18….what is the correct time i don’t even know??

    2. 17 & 18 have not been aired yet. If you look at their official channel on YT at the VIP members pre-release schedule the last day they uploaded episode (15 & 16) was Wednesday and I’m assuming that they won’t air the next two till Monday.

    3. 17 & 18 have not been aired yet. If you look at their official YT channel the VIP members pre-release episodes last day of the week was Wednesday and I’m assuming they won’t air 17 & 18 till Monday.

    4. I wish to know too, as I stayed awake till 1am yesterday and now it’s 10:30 and still nothing ;-;

    5. the first week the drama is released, they air it everyday (2eps/day). the second weeks and so on will be from Monday to Wednesday.

    6. There is a release schedule on the internet, but it is for when the show will be broadcasted on television in China (I think). If you access VIKI you can check when the episodes will be released and usually 1-2 days before that, the episodes will be available mostly on other websites.

      Episodes 17-21 should be released on 1st July, but will only be available until 5th July I believe. I am not sure about this info, but I know they release multiple episodes/week. Also, the drama needs to be translated, which will take time because the episodes are very long. Translation takes a lot of time because you need to find the correct words for the scenes and you also need to double-check everything once you’re finished.

        1. Me tooo
          Literally when is it going be aired
          I’m like checking every 10 second to see if it has aired

    1. don’t be so demanding when these translators work hard for this. Also, I don’t actually believe some get paid well. So disrespectful.

    1. Don’t say that because of them we are able to watch this drama before everyone with subtitles

  47. Hi! I dont know where else to complain im writing here. Can you correct Xu Kai’s page? He is main lead here but his name is not listed. His page only has 2-4 dramas with different names. His popularity has been growing very fast lately so please pay attention to him. For people asking when the eps will be out its gonna be released for 2 episodes from Monday to Tuesday at UST+9 which is approximately 8:30 PM CST. Dramacool will upload it at most in 3 hours after that.

    1. Someone is working very hard to not only upload all these episodes, but translating them for everyone. Calling them lazy is rude and disrespectful. Don’t forget that translating them from Chinese to English and then editing them is hard work and time consuming.

    2. Are you paying something for that? Please, respect people who are giving some time to sub this for free

    3. same i’m not sleeping still waiting for that drama it’s already half pat 3 in the morning

  48. I had been waiting it for so long and now finally and I can’t wait for other eps. It has given an inspiration to girls that gaming field is not only for boys it can also be played by girls. Hwaiting✊

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