Fix You (2020)


” Soul Mechanic” tells the stories of  psychiatrists who help their patients heal from emotional wounds and find happiness. Through various stories, the drama aims to ask, “Where does happiness come from?” and share a heartwarming message of comfort with viewers.

Lee Shi Joon(Shin-Ha-Kyun) is a psychiatrist who is passionate about his work and helping his patients.

Han Woo Joo(Jung-So-Min) is a musical actress.

Also known as: 영혼수선공 / Younghonsoosungong / Yeonghonsuseongong / Soul Sovereign / Soul Repairer / Soul Mechanic


Status: Completed

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Fix You (2020) trailer

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  1. When I heard the patients story I realized there were many people who were really in pain and have a long story to tell. They just want a listener and someone who will appreciate them.

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