Forecasting Love and Weather (2022) Episode 6

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18 Comments to “Forecasting Love and Weather (2022) Episode 6

  1. I am hooked from the very first episode… I love the lead actress and actor…
    They deserve to watch because they give it all to do thier job perfectly…
    We dont blame you if you dont understand the story of this kdrama… It is certainly for open minded person who can relate to each of the actors and actresses… I cant wait for the up coming episodes… Goodjob dramacool.. i always watch kdramas here than netflix…

  2. I honestly don’t like this KDrama , watched all the way to the latest episode and it just doesn’t sit well. It gives more bad messages than good sadly. With all due respect everyone has their views and it’s just not a healthy way to repair the relationship. More than 90% of people who live together instead of marry first end up splitting too so realistically things would only get worse , I hope no one tries to take this drama into real life relationship advice. Great actors, filming, makeup, and style, simply bad story execution. Cheers to all of you who decide to watch till the end though 🙂 hugs and love! Shalom 🕊

    1. you might be right on the money.. wait till episode 13-14 there is a break up coming.. and then they’ll be apart for 1-5 years… and one minute before the end they’ll get back together.. .classic Kdrama trope

    2. I mean, there’s a curve to living together. It’s about learning about each other and both parties compromising. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. And, tbh, it’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better to find out it didn’t work BEFORE marriage than after it. That way you can rebuild your life much easier.

      If people stay together because they got married first it’s not because it works better. It’s because now they are tied in the eyes of society. I wouldn’t want to have such a miserable life.

    3. Well, if they get married first they will end up getting a divorce anyways…there is no difference. Be a little open minded and stop judging other peoples/ choices.

  3. It’s hard for me to patiently wait for the other episodes cause am already in love with this drama.
    Am happy for the cheaters unstable marriage, good for them

  4. It’s hard for me to patiently wait for other episodes,am in love with this drama.
    Enjoying both cheaters unstable marriage,good for them
    I pray for the leads ‘love to blossom in all seasons

  5. Waiting for the next episode is hard for me since am already in love with the drama.thumbs up to the whole team

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