Forest (2020)


Kang San Hyeok is part of a rescue operation. He is good looking but he has no memory of his childhood and Jung Young is a student surgeon at a hospital.

They meet at a forest in mysterious circumstances. They are forced to partner up to survive in the forest. As time goes by, they keep discovering their own traits as well as about the forest.

Also known as: 포레스트 / 시크릿 / Sikeulis / Sikeurit / Secret


Status: Completed

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  1. It is just to spend time and have fun so enjoy it!!! it is not a Harvard tesis. Anxiously waiting for subtitles

  2. Okay let’s be real here, there was more absurd things that happened in other dramas, there is a really common mistake in kdramas that in my opinion should be rectified, when someone drowns and you get them out of the water you don’t perform CPR, it pushes the water into the lungs, so I don’t think this was the most unrealistic thing on k drama.

    1. Correct I agree with you. . Does it need to be realistic when it’s only a drama? The most important thing is a clean storyline with a little bit of chemistry inn acting. They got it so bwala. that’s it.

  3. I agree with you. Stopped watching after one episode when a doctor makes faces at a patient just for one bloody cup of coffee. Shame, would have loved to watch Park Hae Jin but the lady doc annoys me

  4. I agree with you 100%. I am a Registered Nurse in the ICU and I never see such shenanigan like that done, even when a family member acting up we call security. This is so unrealistic for a medical doctor to do and the nurse did not do anything either. Why is it okay for a patient and his love one to be in the same room to begin with. The child should have bein in the pediatric ward and the father would have never reacted that way. Who are those people consulting for those show. This is not how it is done.

    1. I agree with you. Stopped watching after one episode when a doctor makes faces at a patient just for one bloody cup of coffee. Shame, would have loved to watch Park Hae Jin but the lady doc annoys me

      1. Why blame the lady doctor, blame it on the writers. That assumption just show you are not a good watcher. Watch again and think who should be blame there. This is drama written by some writers and act by some actors who have to act just by reading tye script. Even though actor have their own style to perform it there ia ni where she can change how the script goes no matter how good she is.

        1. Exactly ?
          They’re only acting as directed
          So there’s nothing personal with the drama…
          Besides,in every drama there’s “climax” and ” anti-climax “(the sweetest part,and the annoying part).
          So i hope our dear NOORA can understand now ☺.

        2. Be kind!

          Noora wasn’t being critical of the actor/actress, she was being critical of the actor’s role. The “lady doc” is annoying…but the actor is following directions and doing her part. (Who knows? As a professional, she probably feels bad about the role, too!)

          You are also right, the problem is with the script and its weak points. Hopefully, this drama can be improved. If not, many lessons are learned.

      2. Seriously?! Because of that? Do you badmouth the female protagonist (character) but I think that is very nice that in this drama the lead is a woman who speaks her mind when someone is unpolite instead of repressing herself. About the CPR thing…a lot of Hollywood movies contains scenes like that too. Doesn’t match reality, yeah but almost everyone knows it is just to create a mood. About the scene she hits the father to protect the child. Yes, she clearly had a panic attack but also overcome it quickly to try to save the boy. Instead of take the pils she decide to do something. And we see scenes of her remembering her own father. So she has a trauma, that she didn’t treat. And that it was the reason why she did the things the way she did. But yet she chose to risk her job to save the boy instead of wait and maybe gets too late. Plus she was punished for it too. So what is the big deal?
        In real life… Yes she should had treated her trauma. She should have called security…she should be composed over the patient that took her coffee. But IN A DRAMA the plot is developed over the flaws of the characters. Things to overcome. Seriously there would be no drama if the character do not do anything wrong!!!!
        She act by impulse, did something she shouldn’t, due to this she got punished and had to move to another place where she stars to live with the male protagosnist. Can you get it? Can you understand now? Do you criticize the writer or writers. But you can’t even see that far!!!

    1. I’ve only seen 20 min of this trash, i mean drama, and i already know why I didn’t watched 2 years ago when they released it..

      1. Bad script
      2. Overacted in a bad way (I’m pretty sure it’s bc bad directing not bad acting)
      3. Unrealistic af
      4. Came to the comments and found a lot of complain

      I’d said a waste of time, future me, if you have forgotten this, read the comments and get the f out of here

  5. I am disappointed that most of the FL characters in the new medical dramas do NOT call for security when they have violent patients or others attacking people or have so much trauma from the past that they have panic attacks…why would you choose a job that would put you in a situation that is too stressful for you to deal with on a daily basis? The boy could have died by being strangled while she had a panic attack …be a medical receptionist not a doctor if it is too stressful

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