Gaus Electronics (2022) Episode 12

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15 Comments to “Gaus Electronics (2022) Episode 12

  1. Cha Na Rae’s (Ko Sung-hee) #1 fan from the Philippines & USA. I enjoyed this drama. It’s bright & funny. I didn’t even pay attention to the plot cuz I was focused with each character’s personality. I’m glad that they gave the random guy a screen time. I’m like him. I don’t really talk to my coworkers, but I’m the one who knows it all. ^_-

    I hope to see more of your projects Ms. Sung-Hee. 🙂 I’ve watched your projects beginning from “While You Were Sleeping”.

  2. If anyone wants to see a serious role of Lee Sang Sik (Kwak Dong Yeon) watch Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, you would be amazed with his duality. Obviously he wasn’t the main character but he was one of the important roles of that Kdrama.

  3. If somebody is interested in a slightly similar drama you can check out “Modern Farmer”. Kwak Dong Yeon (Lee Sang Sik) was a secondary character and it was hilarious. The story is very silly for sure, but expect a similar humor and funny characters.

  4. Well, that was anticlimactic…. End it like that when they just introduce the new guy, so much potential….
    Maybe they are preparing a second season?

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