Hi Bye, Mama!


Unfortunate but lovely story of a mother who dies but reincarnates back into the Husband’s and daughter’s life. Over the years, the husband find himself struggling to cope with loss of his wife.

But after 4 years from the loss of his wife, he re-marries to another woman called Jo Kang Hwa who is a doctor. But often times, he falters in keeping up with the family matters. Find out how his late wife intervenes to take matters into own hands to keep the family together?

Also known as: 하이바이, 마마!, Hello, Mother , Hello, Mom , haibai, mama! , 안녕 엄마 


Status: Completed

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Hi Bye, Mama! trailer

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  1. This plot has some similarities from “Reunited Worlds” drama (2017) starring Yeo Jin-go.. I’m sure it will have a bitter sweet ending… T_T…Imao…

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