Joseon Exorcist (2021)


While patrolling the northern regions in Joseon, Prince Lee Bang Won encountered and sealed away an evil spirit who wanted to dominate human beings.

Bang Won helped his father found the Joseon Dynasty, and later became king himself under the title Taejeon. He is proud of what he has accomplished, but deep in his heart he felt guilty that he had killed many people for this. The evil spirit, which he had sealed away so long ago, now manifests itself, forcing the king to battle his nemesis once again.

Taejong’s eldest son, Crown Prince Yangnyeon (Park Sung Hoon) looks confident, but in fact has constant anxiety, and he does not live up to his father’s expectations. Consumed by greed and a need for power, Yangnyeong chooses to enter into a contract with the evil spirit.

Prince Cheonnyeon (Jang Dong Yoon)is the younger son, whose only interest in life has been the pursuit of academics. Faced with the crisis caused by the evil spirit, he must now wage war against the entity, in order to protect the people.

Also known as: 조선구마사 Joseongumasa Chosun Gumasa / Chosungumasa/  Joseon Gumasa


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: Mar 22, 2021

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34 Comments to “Joseon Exorcist (2021)

  1. What’s ironic, is Kingdom is not historically correct either but was a big hit. Koreans are so uptight sometimes, when we all know it’s FICTION. Distorted history is not uncommon in Horror and Science Fiction.

    1. Where did you get the wrong info?? It wasn’t cancelled by government, but people got furious about the distortion of Korean history and images, so the airing channel cancelled it!!

  2. Why always like this? They did a petition just to cancelled this drama. I started to enjoy this drama. No wonder no more next episode huhuhu…so no more waiting right…so sad n disappointed even know there will be controversy but this drama will get a higher rank.

  3. It was rated low due to Koreans were furious about the distortion of their history in this series. Although its fictional it uses real names from their history.

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