Joseon Survival


The story revolves around Han Jung Rok (Kang Ji Hwan), who was a national archer but became a deliveryman because of injury. Han Jung Rok struggles to make a living. His first love Lee Hye Jin (Kyung Soo Jin) broke up with him after his downfall.
He accidentally travels to the Joseon dynasty and meets the famous thief Im Kkeok Jeong (Song Won Suk). The two struggle to survive, put their lives at stake for their loved ones, and share a strong friendship.

Airs from 08/06/2019 Saturday and Sunday. Total episodes:20

Also known as: 조선생존기 / Joseonsaengjongi


Status: Completed

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25 Replies to “Joseon Survival

  1. So disappointed about the change in actors. I understand the situation is in question and under investigation. I hope all will be resolved with honesty and respect for all involved. Kang Ji Hwan is a one of a kind actor, I don’t envy the actor taking his place. I will continue to watch in support of the cast.

  2. English subs pleaseeee. Be nice and kind and let us enjoy the rest of episodes, the subject is interesting and fun, we love to see and understand the end of the serial.

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