Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny


Set in the late Joseon period, drama series follows face reader (physiognomist) Choi Chun Joong as he tries to build up an ideal nation.

Choi Chun Joong is Joseon’s greatest fortune teller and physiognomist. He is a hero of the turbulent times, and he is the king of Joseon’s people. Choi Chun Joong possesses the great ambition of building a new nation after overturning Joseon, which has been ruined by the men in power.

With handsome looks, Choi Chun Joong is a sophisticated man who excels in the arts including martial arts, gambling, singing, and dancing. He is also a romantic who puts everything in the line for the woman he loves. With a way with words and a brilliant mind for politics, he’ll create a miracle, making Yi Ha Eung the most powerful man in Joseon, Yi Ha Eung’s son Lee Jae Hwang into a King, and Min Ja Young, a girl from the streets, into Joseon’s empress.

Adapted from the novel “Baramgwa Gooreumgwa Bi” by Lee Byung Joo (published from 1977 to 1987 in newspapers The Chosun Ilbo). Story features a mixture of fictional characters and real historical characters.

Director: Yoon Sang Ho [윤상호]

Also known as: 바람과 구름과 비 Baramgwa Gooreumgwa Bi Wind, Clouds and Rain Wind and Cloud and Rain Wind and Cloud and Rain


Status: Completed

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12 Comments to “Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny

  1. Please where is the twelve episode .Am looking forward to it,I love this drama so much, please grant your fans their wish by providing the complete episodes to the final and stop keeping us in suspense.

  2. This is a great historical drama. The script writer has done a great job and the acting is superb! Every episode thus far had led me looking forward to the next episodes ahead. I highly recommend this historical drama.

    I have seen many historical dramas and other Asian foreign dramas as well, I do not hesitate to stop watching a drama if the film is too much, too slow, too boring or lacks creativity on the screen writers part. I like this drama.

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